The countdown has begun.

I’m near the end of my taper before my marathon in DC. I’ve also come down with a nasty chest cold. Last night, I was entering full-blown panic mode about it. I don’t think that running a marathon is smart with chest congestion of any kind. So of course, I’m in a mad rush to heal myself and get back to my healthy, normal, runner self.

I’ve tried everything I can think of. Rest and fluids, of course. Vapo-rub on my chest at night. Homemade soup, apple cider vinegar, vitamins, Emergen-C, cayenne pepper, tea with lemon and honey, garlic…

I’m heading over to the sauna right now. I can’t imagine that anyone will want to be near me as it is, especially not when I start sweating out all my “natural remedies!”

I’m keeping myself physically and mentally busy with trip planning. The Virgo in me is an incessant list maker: to do before DC, to pick up in DC, packing list, goal split times #1, goal split times #2… and I’m wishing that I was feeling well enough to enjoy a last run or two before the trip. Oh, well!

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