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Transcribing Dance Company Shoot + Working From Home

I was honored when Charys, this lovely lady…

TDC at Central Waters-5

…the choreographer of Transcribing Dance Company, invited me to be a part of a collaboration. I had the chance to shoot her company with Brendan, another photographer, over at Central Waters Brewing. I’ve had a couple shoots over at Central Waters in the past, but no surprise- they were all beer-related.

This one involved some lovely dancers in a big warehouse full of aging barrels (and playing in their prairie out back), and it yielded some pretty neat results!

TDC at Central Waters-3

TDC at Central Waters-2

TDC at Central Waters-1 Β Β TDC at Central Waters-4 TDC at Central Waters-6 TDC at Central Waters-7 TDC at Central Waters-8

It was fun to work with another photographer on a shoot like this- since Brendan and I have very different styles, I bet TDC got a really varied selection to choose from! πŸ™‚ Speaking of working with other photographers- I spent this week trying to get everything done before heading to Lifest, where I work with (and supervise) the Ninjagrapher team. Ninjagrapher is the name that we’ve given to our photographers and videographers, since we encourage them to be ninja-like in their shooting. Of course, I’m not very good at being like a ninja- my smile gives me away every time. Anyway, I was pleased to set up an interview with the two newest members of our Ninjagrapher team, the Jaeger boys!

image1 (17)

We had a very serious interview at Belts’ Ice Cream, then I welcomed them to our team with open arms, and set up the logistics of the event with their parents.

I do love working from home most of the time, but it’s always exciting for me to get out and meet with people for ice cream or coffee. I’m still continuing to work on shutting down my computer when my day is over, and not sitting on the couch all evening doing work. Work is work and home is home, and when those two things are only 12 steps apart, it gets hard to differentiate… especially when the majority of my clients come home from their jobs, then want to communicate wtih me! πŸ™‚

One of the up sides of working from home is that I get to choose the length of my commute, so I often choose places that are within bicycling distance. When I heard about the ReVisioning Point community meeting pertaining to bicycles, I was thrilled to attend! Of course, I rode my bike. πŸ™‚ Our representative, Katrina Shankland, was in attendance, and we sat together. It’s so encouraging to know we have support of elected leaders at all levels in our attempts to make our city safer and more friendly for cyclists and pedestrians.

image2 (13)

That’s all for now, friends. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚ Up next? My momma’s wedding. ❀

Miles this year: 300.1

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Easter + a week on the road

I love Easter! We celebrated Easter this year with friends from our church, and I brought deviled eggs. 

I love deviled eggs, though I always feel a little weird bringing something with the word “devil” right in the name to a celebration about Jesus. πŸ˜‰

We tried to go easy on the Easter candy at home, but there is a seemingly unlimited supply of seasonal candy at the PT clinic. Oh, gummy candy… I burned off all that gummy candy with a super windy and hilly nine miles with Lydia on the Wau-king trail.  We refueled with beer at Chain Bar, and I headed home to pack for a crazy week.I had such a busy day- when Brian got home, we headed up to Wausau for a ballroom dance lesson with our first dance teachers, Missy and Jeff! We hadn’t seen them since they taught us to dance before our wedding. Eight years was too long! Of course, I was too excited to see them and I forgot to take a picture, but after our lesson, we headed over to the election headquarters for our alderman Mike Wiza, and we were present when they called the vote, making Mike our new Stevens Point mayor! Congratulations, Mike. πŸ™‚Brian and I spent the week in the Valley, while he was at a training for work. It was pretty cool for me- since most of my work is portable, I can work from anywhere. I was able to catch up on some photo work, make all the games for Amy’s upcoming bridal shower, and shoot a gorgeous pastry (with the cutest edible orchid!) from SAP Brunch in Appleton.On our last morning at the hotel, we went out for breakfast at this fabulous cafe- Molly’s. They had sweet potato hash browns! Made. My. Day. I loved the treadmill at the hotel, so I headed back to our room, changed, and logged a few miles in the hotel gym. After a quick shower, we packed up and headed down to Chicago to celebrate my great aunt Eileen’s 75th anniversary of being an active member of the ancient order of Hibernians. It was a beautiful party where I got to see a lot of my family, including my brother and his family. Happy National Sibling Day! We caught up with everyone and danced until we dropped! It’s fun to visit my Hoffman side, because I’m the short one among those cousins, and I’m 5’8″! πŸ™‚

We spent the night at my aunt Maureen’s house and took care of Percy. I think she was upset that she wasn’t invited to the party. She wouldn’t smile for me! πŸ™‚ We left very early on Saturday morning to head up to Wausau for Amy’s bridal shower! My car celebrated a little palindrome milestone of her own somewhere in northern Illinois…We stopped at home for a whirlwind half hour- showered, changed, styled my hair, brewed some iced tea, boxed up the shortbreads, made simple syrup, then packed it all up in a cooler and took it to the Hirn home for Amy’s bridal shower. Becky, Brooke, and I planned this adorable tea-themed shower, and it turned out beautifully!    


  Congratulations, best friend! I’m so happy for you and thrilled to be your matron of honor. ❀️ 

Miles this year: 221.45

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A Chicago trip + Amy’s bluegrassy visit

My Madison TU friend, Amy, was up in Wausau for work, so we met up here in Point for dinner and an impromptu bluegrass concert. The Fox Theatre needs a lot of work to be reopened, so we went to their fundraiser featuring some local bluegrass folks. It was held in the fine arts center on campus, where I spent thousands of hours. I love that place! We danced a ton and drank local beer. Best weeknight surprise yet!


Thanks for coming, Amy! It was great to catch up with you. πŸ™‚
Lydia and I braved the fresh snow for a great run in Waupaca.




I came home, warmed up, and packed my bags for a couple days in Chicago. The running there was much warmer… There were still leaves blowing around!







My aunt, Maureen, and I went to a turkey raffle with her friends. It was a hoot!


We stopped for Chicago dogs at Gene & Jude’s. No ketchup allowed.

There were a couple guys eating on their tailgate who had a bottle of contraband ketchup that they shared for our fries. These folks don’t mess around! πŸ™‚ I was so garlicky that it was coming out my pores while running the next day.
We came back to Maureen’s, and I was just finishing up work on my last wedding gallery of the season. I was almost ready to hunker down for the night, but my cousin Max, his beautiful girlfriend, Ashley, and their friend, Joe, came over. They convinced me to go out. I rarely regret going out, so Maureen loaned me a sweater dress and we rallied. We finished the night at a whiskey bar (my favorite!) and the girls were deemed shuffleboard champions after an obviously long winning streak.

On Sunday, we celebrated cousin Michael’s birthday, Blackhawks style, and I got to see my aunts and uncles, including my great aunt Eileen. She’s 91 and sharp as a tack!


I stopped to visit my dad on the way home, and started the week of Thanksgiving preparation!
As always, thanks for reading, friends.

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Disco Cures Cancer 2014 + Becky and Trav

I made it home from my Minnesota/Iowa trip on Friday afternoon, charged all my batteries and set up my camera gear, then threw on a shift dress, lots of makeup, big hair, and headed up to Disco Cures Cancer in Wausau with my dance partner, Dale. We met up with some of our dance students, and we had an awesome time!





I didn’t stay out too late, since I had a big day on Saturday- Becky and Travis’ wedding! Dancing shook out the last of my sore marathon legs, and I slept wonderfully.
Saturday morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed…

Now, I know that I should narrow these photos down, but I just can’t. Becky and Trav are just too cute, and these photos are so genuine… So please, grab a big cup of coffee or glass of wine and hunker down. Enjoy!














































Congratulations, friends! You had an absolutely beautiful, authentic, personalized wedding, and we’ve loved getting to know you better!

That’s all for now, guys πŸ™‚ thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 513.1

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Labor Day weekend pt 2…

As soon as we wrapped up Casi and Eric’s wedding, I headed to bed so I could get up early for the Just Run 1/2 marathon and the Riverfront Jazz Festival.
I ran over to the start line, and found Jenilee and George!

This is a great hometown race, with a half marathon and a 5K. It was a very hot and humid day- it was between 97-98% humidity. The race started nice and easily, on the bridge right above the dam. I found Ray, manning the 3 mile water station with the Boy Scouts.

It is a beautiful course, and this year, they switched it up with a little stretch through the Sculpture Park on the Green Circle.



One of my favorite things about running is meeting new people. The running community is so welcoming and friendly!

I crossed the finish line one sweaty woman, received my medal, and ran home, with 15 miles for the day.


I took a shower, packed a lunch, and we headed over to the Riverfront Jazz Festival. I spent a lot of time at the Jazz Festival, both on Saturday and Sunday. Once again, I was shooting for those guys, but I also got to hang out with my college friends and people that I love from the community!






My college friend, Matt, brought his sextet up from Illinois to play. In fact, his group, Old Style Sextet, just won second place at a competition in China, and are bringing home $20,000! Congratulations, Matt πŸ™‚




















Brian and I spent some time dancing, and after a couple swing songs, we headed back to our spot to sit down. A lady I didn’t know chased after me and said that there were friends of mine in the water that wanted to say, “Hi!” Lo and behold…

My Wausau kayaking crew! πŸ™‚ in a fun twist, I have danced with or learned to dance from many of these people. Missy and Jeff were my first ballroom dance instructors! Seeing them was a great surprise.



We crashed pretty hard on Sunday night, after chowing down some Bucky Badger jello jigglers! Way awesome.

Up next? Meeting Baby Lily Nowinski. ❀

Miles this year: 458.7

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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, White Christmas

The day before Thanksgiving was the sweet courthouse wedding of Stephanie and Justin. I rarely have the chance to shoot a small, casual wedding, and I jumped at the chance! The officiant is a friend of the family, and everyone was so comfortable… Resulting in natural, relaxed smiles. After the ceremony, we hopped over to the 400 block in Wausau and popped in to Malarkey’s Pub for a quick drink!










Congratulations, Justin and Steph!
We hosted our annual Thanksgiving dinner with my mom, Gram and Grampie, and Jean and Mark.

It was pretty low-key this year, but I made my pies. It’s a tradition!


And of course, the annual post-dinner photo of me and Grampie on the couch πŸ™‚

Since Grampie can’t hear, we usually just sit there and not talk, but I brought down a dry erase board and we got to share a few laughs. He usually asks me about fly fishing… And this occasion didn’t disappoint! He wanted to know if I fish in waders or just dresses πŸ™‚ here’s the honest answer…

We sent everyone on their way, full and happy, and Amy came over for pie slice #2 and finalizing our Black Friday shopping game plan. It was successful…


A new suitcase, for all my upcoming travel. πŸ™‚

We returned home in the wee hours of the morning, and I took a short nap to prepare for opening night of White Christmas. I was playing two roles- tap dancer, and pit orchestra musician. I ran between the two throughout the show. πŸ™‚ Here’s a busy show weekend in photos…




…and some photos Brian took of the show.










During the show, I had a serious romance with Tyler… And he proposed in the final scene. Look at that rock! πŸ˜‰

And just to leave you on a very curly 1980’s happy note, here is me from my first year of tap dance lessons (photo courtesy of Robert Payne)

Once a stylish woman, always a stylish woman. πŸ™‚
Stay tuned for a whirlwind of December, including Amanda and Andy’s engagement photos, a trip to Idaho, a game at Lambeau, and more adventures… Including my triumphant return to running πŸ™‚

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How to appropriately heal from a stress fracture…

Fall is typically my favorite season for running. The cool weather is easier to tolerate, there’s lots of races, and beautiful scenery. I was able to log some beautiful miles while tapering for Madison Marathon.


Running with friends always makes the miles fly by. It’s easy to talk myself out of running if I am not feeling it, but I will never stand someone up for a planned run. Thanks for the miles, Mike!

I had lunch dates with some of my favorite people… Nancy and Rickopedia…

…and talked shop with Bill. πŸ™‚

I had a shoot over at the School of Performing Arts… little kids with tiny violins are the cutest.




I love shoots that are related to music. The owners of this music school are colleagues of mine from my college days.
If you’re a new reader, you might be starting to get the idea that I have widely varying interests and activities. You are so right! To fill up some of my “free time,” I auditioned for and got a spot in the musical White Christmas, so I had some tap dance rehearsals. This was a really fun group of people to work with, and it was great to show Brian that yes, I actually know how to tap dance.
I’ll post pictures from the show soon! πŸ™‚
That busy schedule distracted me from the predictable taper crazies, and before I knew it, it was time to race. You can read my recap here, including Santa hydrating me at mile 23 and some of my favorite signs from the race course.
I finished the race in the morning, ate a ton of frozen yogurt, slept in the car on the way home, and headed straight to teach ballroom. I had tap dance rehearsal on Monday and Tuesday, and I was still feeling pretty sore, especially in my left foot. On Wednesday, I took Abbie for a walk in my house slippers, since my foot was still hurting. I was hoping my body just needed a good shakeout run and a stretch, so on Thursday morning, I laced up my shoes and took Abbie out to the river. As soon as I tied the bow on my left shoe, there was some serious pain. I was hoping it wasn’t anything too bad, and left anyway. Abbie was so happy to get out of the house… she is a typically active Jack Russell, and she doesn’t care if I’m resting post-marathon or not. She needs her exercise! πŸ™‚


To my dismay, I only made it out about a mile before I realized that something was seriously wrong with my foot. Two miles logged for the day, and worry creeped into my normally optimistic brain. I took my shoe off, but the pain remained, and seemed to resonate through my ankle, foot, and calf.
I called my doctor, hoping for a cancellation so I could get in, but there wasn’t anything available. I did what any insane runner would do- I went to urgent care. The pain wasn’t urgent, but my mental state was.

They did an X-ray, but educated me that they usually can’t tell a stress fracture immediately on an X-ray, that it takes a couple weeks to show up. They did recommend that I see my regular doctor, and she recommended that I see an orthopedic specialist. And she gave me a special kind of shoe that didn’t hurt to be on my foot.

The orthopedic doctor appointment wasn’t for a few days, and I was ordered to rest. So I crocheted a scarf. πŸ™‚


When I finally made it in to see the specialist, he pushed and prodded all the spots that hurt me. He thought that I had a stress fracture in one of the “chunky” bones in my ankle, and some irritated and inflamed nerves in my foot. He said that he could order a bone scan to be sure, but that his treatment recommendations would be the same, so I opted to save the money, and headed straight to physical therapy. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, do not run. And wear this big walking boot all the time.

Please enjoy this montage of my foot situation for the past 8 weeks.




There was a small lapse in judgement, where I decided to still tap dance in the show. Turns out, tap dancing will prolong the healing of a stress fracture. It’s okay, I was wearing some of my favorite compression socks while doing it…




I went in for my seventh tally mark…


…and basically tried to rest. It’s hard to be such a busy, active girl with this boot, but I tried to make the most of it. πŸ™‚
I hung out with friends and made MΓΆbius strips.

Went to coffee with Stef, and celebrated the liberation of my curly bangs…


Visited my mom and grammie…

Had drinks with Nikki…

Witnessed the engagement of two of our good friends, Amanda and Andy!!!!


Had my mind blown about a Trout Museum that wasn’t…

Went shopping with the Benishek ladies and my momma for hunter window weekend…

Bought a hat with ears…

…and taught some adorable little girls how to make scarves, too!

If I’ve learned anything through this process, it’s that I need to be more patient. Healing takes time!
Up next? Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, a bunch of photo shoots, and photos from White Christmas. Thanks, friends πŸ™‚

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Newsboys. Visiting Michigan. Running!

That wonderful, warm Florida weather made for quite an adjustment to Wisconsin fall. Luckily, I had a shoot with Lem and Tracy over in Green Bay… Newsboys, and their tour entourage.
In concert photography, I never forget about the sound guy. They can make or break a show…
Aww, Duncan. Great drummer, and often makes me giggle. Funny guy!
I don’t shoot a lot of concerts, and every time I do, I fall in love with the saturated colors.
I got home a little late from Green Bay, and fell sound asleep. All that travel was wearing me out! Of course, that didn’t stop me from waking up early, repacking my suitcase, and heading to Michigan with Brian for the weekend. We went to visit my aunt, Maureen, and her family at their country home in Bloomingdale.
Can you tell we’re related? πŸ™‚
It was a beautiful weekend, and I was able to get in a few miles on the Kal-Haven trail. It was beautiful!!



Maureen’s family got a brand new puppy… Percy!

The view from the porch. It’s a perfect spot for my post-run morning coffee.

My bookworms… B and my amazing great aunt Eileen.

It was an amazingly relaxing weekend filled with family, running, eating good food, and playing with a puppy. Who could ask for more? The seven hour drive home concluded just in time for me to get to dance lessons.

Stay tuned for the extremely exciting story of how a busy girl copes with a stress fracture…

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Beer, fish, cold water, apple pie, and Megan and Jim :)

Hey, friends.
Last month, B and I headed over to Pigeon River Brewing Co with our friends, Mary and Joe. They were featured in the last Hoopla magazine.

It’s a small brewery in Marion, Wi, run by a couple guys and their families.




I’m always happy to see small, local businesses growing. Farmers turned brewers? Awesome. They’ve still got the bulk tank out back!
We got back from that midweek trip just in time for me to pack to head down to the Trout Unlimited annual meeting. This year, it was held down in Middleton, so I was able to drive there easily! I was asked to present about Stream Girls.
Chris Wood gave the state of TU address, filling us all in on what’s happened in the past year.

My friend, Jon Christiansen, also gave his presentation, as chairman of the board.

The Administrator of the EPA, Gina McCarthy, gave a very interesting presentation. I’d never taken photos at an event with Secret Service before!


As always, there was fly tying, and an awards ceremony. πŸ™‚


As if it’s any surprise, I made a lot of new friends and got to visit with some that I hadn’t seen in a while! Have I mentioned that I love the company of fishermen and fisherwomen? I even got to sneak out early for a little run with Franklin.


I am happy to be a part of this organization!
Fall makes me want to bake and cuddle in with sweaters and soup! I picked up some beautiful apples and made a pie. πŸ™‚ there is just something about homemade crust!



Abbie almost had a taste! πŸ™‚ darn cute dog.
A beautiful Sunday morning arrived, perfect for Megan and Jim’s engagement session.

I’ve known Megan since junior high- we played in band together! πŸ™‚






Love these two! Jim just became a marathoner at the Fox Cities marathon in September. πŸ™‚ They fit together so perfectly, and they just made my job easy… Their love for each other shines through in these photos. We can’t wait until your May wedding, friends!
Sunday night was teaching ballroom dance lessons with Dale. I had a cold, so I was kind of crabby. Dale recommended that I supplement with Vitamin B… Vitamin BEAR!



It worked, and I made it through my group lessons. Don’t worry, I gave hand sanitizer to my students and used it myself! πŸ™‚
More to come. Oh, so much more, but I’m heading out to brave the cold for a beautiful winter photo session!

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Viennese Ball weekend

Hello, friends! I had a super fun weekend dancing at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s Viennese Ball.

I’ll start from the beginning. I left on Friday to head over to EC with Dale.

I wore a necklace that Brian and I put together before I left so I wouldn’t miss him too much. It’s a locket from my mom’s charm bracelet, with our pictures in it <;3

I did my makeup in the car. I have to make an embarrassing confession: I watch the stupid show Toddlers and Tiaras. It’s a reality show that follows pageant moms and their little kids. My favorite most disturbing part of the show is at the end, when they show before-and-after photos of the kids. The ‘before’ shots are usually of the kids with frizzy hair and food on their face- and the ‘after’ is of them in a pageant dress with their hair and makeup done. Anyway, my in-the-car photos feel like they could be on Toddlers and Tiaras. πŸ™‚

We met up with Dale’s friend, Jackie, and we went to dinner and the dance.

I wore a red dress and did an updo on Friday night.

We danced until late, ate midnight breakfast, and danced some more. I slept soundly, then got up on Saturday for a short run.

With each day that goes by, my bronchitis feels a little better. After a quick shower and getting ready, Dale and I went to the old downtown area in EC. He showed me his previous dance studio and we went to a really neat cafe for lunch- Acoustic Cafe. I had a delicious pita sandwich and coffee, of course!

Dale and I did some minor shopping in the afternoon- TJ Maxx (a new running shirt), Target (a poker set for B and a Kermit the Frog shirt for moi), and Best Buy (light scribe DVDs). Nothing too crazy πŸ™‚ I did find a pretty awesome game, though…

I thought about buying it, then realized that Brian and I probably know all the answers, so if we tried to play against each other, it would be a boring game. πŸ™‚ Does anyone own this game? Is it awesome?
After shopping, I started getting ready for Saturday’s dance. I wore my hair down and curly, and a blue halter-style dress.

We went to dinner at a place called Porter’s. Dale ordered the salmon, though they were out. He was crabby about that! 😦 Our poor server probably had the bad luck of delivering the bad news to their customers… but seriously- what nice restaurant runs out of salmon? I was luckier- I ordered a delicious teriyaki steak salad and a glass of merlot, and both the salad and the wine were aplenty!

After dinner, we headed over to day two of V-ball. We met up with our dance friends Thomas and Pat. I was happy to see other people that I know! This event is a very cool fundraiser for scholarships. In the main ballroom, they alternate between their orchestra playing mostly Viennese waltzes, and their jazz ensemble playing big band tunes. They also had a second room with a German band playing mostly polkas, with a few foxtrots thrown in the mix. I do love accordion! They had a room filled with German pastries, a little jazz club downstairs featuring student combos…

…a room with a cappella singers (like a pop chamber group), a faculty voice quartet, and solo piano works played by their piano studio. When we walked in the main entrance, we were greeted by a harp ensemble!

I love dances because I get to wear sparkly dresses and fun jewelry. πŸ˜€

All in all, I had a wonderful time. Thanks, Dale, for suggesting this event!

We came back this morning. Kermit + coffee + tired Heidi =

There were lots of Amish folks out today. I always worry about them on the highway. Those buggies move slowly, and some drivers are idiots who drive too fast and don’t move over. :-/
As soon as I got home, I took a nap. Thanks to my sweet Brian for capturing my most beautiful side. πŸ™‚

Post nap, we gave our puppies a bath. They both did so well!

Tacos for Brian, taco salad for me. I love jalapeΓ±os!

Now I’m finishing off the night by snuggling on the couch (thanks again, Mom!) with my handsome electrician.

Haha. But really. What a stud!


Miles this year: 175.2

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