Newsboys. Visiting Michigan. Running!

That wonderful, warm Florida weather made for quite an adjustment to Wisconsin fall. Luckily, I had a shoot with Lem and Tracy over in Green Bay… Newsboys, and their tour entourage.
In concert photography, I never forget about the sound guy. They can make or break a show…
Aww, Duncan. Great drummer, and often makes me giggle. Funny guy!
I don’t shoot a lot of concerts, and every time I do, I fall in love with the saturated colors.
I got home a little late from Green Bay, and fell sound asleep. All that travel was wearing me out! Of course, that didn’t stop me from waking up early, repacking my suitcase, and heading to Michigan with Brian for the weekend. We went to visit my aunt, Maureen, and her family at their country home in Bloomingdale.
Can you tell we’re related? 🙂
It was a beautiful weekend, and I was able to get in a few miles on the Kal-Haven trail. It was beautiful!!



Maureen’s family got a brand new puppy… Percy!

The view from the porch. It’s a perfect spot for my post-run morning coffee.

My bookworms… B and my amazing great aunt Eileen.

It was an amazingly relaxing weekend filled with family, running, eating good food, and playing with a puppy. Who could ask for more? The seven hour drive home concluded just in time for me to get to dance lessons.

Stay tuned for the extremely exciting story of how a busy girl copes with a stress fracture…

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