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Mom’s Wedding + Oberstadt Family Reunion

While my mom and Bill had their wedding ceremony on Valentine’s Day up at St. Therese, they planned a big reception and party out at Wildlife Campground this summer.

It was a wonderful time: our friends and family came from near and far…

Mom and Bill-6 Mom and Bill-7 Mom and Bill-8 Mom and Bill-9 Mom and Bill-10 Mom and Bill-11 Mom and Bill-12 Mom and Bill-13 Mom and Bill-14 Mom and Bill-15 Mom and Bill-16 Mom and Bill-17 Mom and Bill-18  Mom and Bill-20Mom and Bill-34Mom and Bill-33Mom and Bill-24Mom and Bill-25Mom and Bill-26Mom and Bill-27

…Mom (and her sisters and friends) decorated with flowers from the farmer’s market, she had her peacock feather themed cake, and her life-long dream: a giant processional of bridesmaids to “Prince Ali” from Aladdin…

Mom and Bill-2Mom and Bill-1Mom and Bill-3Mom and Bill-4Mom and Bill-5

…and we danced all night long!

Mom and Bill-21 Mom and Bill-22 Mom and Bill-23  Mom and Bill-28 Mom and Bill-29 Mom and Bill-30 Mom and Bill-31 Mom and Bill-32     Mom and Bill-37

We finished the night by releasing a few lanterns.

Mom and Bill-36Mom and Bill-35

Congratulations, Mom and Bill!

Mom and Bill-19

The thing about weddings (that no one tells you about) is that after the dust has settled, and everyone has been fed, and people are happy… someone needs to clean up! We stayed up late cleaning and helping to put away all the gifts and decorations. We were camping right at the campground, so we didn’t have far to go, and it was a fun adventure with our little pup. She loves camping! We slept soundly, and woke up early so we could head out to the Oberstadt family reunion at Lynn and Jerry’s house.

We were tired, but we put on a good face, brought store-bought cookies, and played hammerschlagen.

image1 (18)

They always have photo albums with really old photos of the family members and newspaper clippings. I love reading about family history! This year, they had a whole new series of “old photos,” including this embarrasing capture from a time in our lives when we thought dressing alike was a good idea.

image2 (14)

I’m tired just writing this post- we sure know how to pack our weekends full of adventure! 🙂

Up next? A week full of photoshoots before my all-time favorite holiday. ❤

As always, thanks for reading, friends!

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Learning As An Alder + Amy’s Wedding!

As alderwoman, I have a chance to learn more about my city in some pretty unique ways- and one of them is by attending community meetings.

I went to my first Association of Downtown Businesses meeting, since my district includes our downtown square and a portion of Main Street.

image1 (11)

It was wonderful to meet the shop owners, and we had a wonderful discussion about how to make our downtown more bicycle-friendly.

When I got home from the meeting, I’d received a special delivery from one of my TU friends, Fred. He gave me a whole stack of fly fishing books!!

image2 (8)

I’ll have my work cut out for me on the rainy days this summer and the cold days this winter. I’m actually looking forward to cuddling up with a cup of tea and one of these books on cold days. 🙂

And now, on to the main event… Amy’s wedding!

She invited the wedding party and out-of-town guests to come to a wine and cheese social at the wine shop on Thursday night. It was SO awesome to see my Colorado mountain girl, Kyt, and my Brooklyn girl, Ali!

image3 (6)

We went home and got a good night of sleep Thursday night, to help us prepare for the long weekend ahead. On Friday morning, I met my sole sisters for a hot yoga class at Community Soul with Kevin, a guest teacher from Costa Rica! It was a wonderful way to get my day started. 🙂

image4 (6)

CSY is in downtown Wausau, so after class, I just ran across the 400 block to help the wedding party set up at the Elks Lodge for the wedding reception. After we finished setting up, the girls all went to Gloss nail bar for manicures and pedicures. 🙂

image5 (6) image6 (6)

After our appointments, Becky and I ran a few errands to grab last minute wedding necessities, and then I ran home to shower, get dressed, and pick up Mr. Mustache. ❤ I packed everything I’d need for the wedding, then we went back to Wausau for the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

image7 (6) image8 (5)

We had a wonderful time catching up with family and friends at the dinner, then the girls went back to Amy’s parents’ house to spend the night. Her last night as a Snyder was spent laughing with her family and friends, and we all went to bed way too late. 🙂

Wedding morning came in with a bang… or I should say it came in with a chirp. The birds were singing so beautifully but LOUDLY that we all woke up early. I half expected the birds to carry Amy and her dress to the wedding Cinderella-style!

We had our hair and makeup done at Euphoria by a good friend of Amy’s, and I had to grab a photo of her fabulous custom-made blue wedding shoes.


When we were finished getting all dolled up, I headed over to the Yawkey House Gardens and Carriage House to put my dress on and prepare for the ceremony. Amy chose the most beautiful bouquets for us to carry… I couldn’t get over how pretty this was!

Amy and Chris-3

It sprinkled right up until the wedding, but it stayed dry once the wedding started. In typical Heidi fashion, I cried my way through the entire wedding.

image9 (4)

Isn’t she gorgeous? My best friend planned and executed the most fabulous wedding, and I’m so happy for her and Chris as they start their married life together! The ceremony was beautiful, and the photo session was really fun! Amy and Chris hired my friend, Kim, and I’m sure her photos will be absolutely fabulous.

Amy let us all choose our own bridesmaid dress from a variety of styles, so we were all a little different. I loved it!

image1 (12)

We spent some time relaxing at the park before we headed back for the reception…

image2 (9)

…and once everyone was seated, Amy surprised Chris by singing a little song. It was way too cute.

I worked really hard to write a perfect matron of honor toast, and I somehow made it all the way through without sobbing. I don’t know how that happened. A miracle, perhaps. To sum it up: I’ve never seen Amy so happy, and I feel warm in my heart knowing that Chris will be there to support her and love her as they go on the adventure that is marriage. There is no one that I’d rather share my best friend with!

Amy and Chris-1

Now that I’m crying, I better sign off. I’m such a sap. ❤

As always, thanks for reading, friends!

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Valentine’s weekend! <3

We started celebrating Valentine’s Day a couple days early by heading down to Chicago to hear one of my favorites, Jason Isbell, play at the Symphony Center. 

It was everything I dreamed it could be. I still don’t exactly understand why I love his music so much- I really can’t relate to most of his subjects. I’ve never been an addict, I’ve never had to cope with the loss of a family member while out on tour, I’ve never served in the military, nor done codeine (I’m allergic!), nor has a shotgun wedding ever occurred to me. Maybe that’s actually why I’m drawn to it- it’s exposing me to another world.

Anyway, we loved the concert, and we crashed hard for the night. Parking in the city always amazes me- we don’t even have parking meters here in Point, so paying $38 for three hours of ramp parking feels just crazy.

The next morning, we headed over to Calumet to trade in all our old camera gear. A couple years ago, we switched completely from Canon to Nikon, but we still had our old camera bodies and lenses sitting around. We also traded in my baby, my first real pro camera, my Nikon D3- affectionately named Shelley. I am upgrading my gear to the Nikon D4, but it was still really hard to leave my cameras behind. There were lots of memories in those cameras- both mine, and those of our clients. I held it together in the store…

…But lost it when we got to the parking lot. I keep reminding myself that the cameras are just a tool, but what can I say? I’m a softie. Anyway, a few pounds lighter and a few thousand dollars richer, we headed home to prepare for my mom’s Valentine’s Day wedding!

It was a very sweet day- I headed to the salon with my mom to get her hair done, then we went to her house to get ready.

My mom has two signs in her house that absolutely crack me up every time I see them, so here they are for your giggling pleasure.

I dont think I’ve ever done my mom’s makeup before, so it was really fun!

The ceremony was at St. Therese, where my Grampie built the altar. It was a sweet and short ceremony.

Everyone in attendance came up and stood around them on the altar, so it was very intimate.

The small reception was held at Bill’s favorite pizza restaurant, and they reserved the back room for us. Their big reception will be this summer.

It was wonderful to see everyone, and it makes me so happy to see my mom in love. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Olson!

We stopped for a quick coffee at Starbucks (love these hearts!!)…

…had a small photo shoot with some brownies…

…and stayed in, cooking steak and shrimp for dinner. We cooked them on the big salt block that B gave me for Christmas, and they cooked perfectly! I made our traditional brownie waffles for dessert, and we crashed hard at 8:30 pm. What a wild life I lead.

Oh, and B surprised me with these.

I’m lucky. ❤

Thanks for reading!

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Disco Cures Cancer 2014 + Becky and Trav

I made it home from my Minnesota/Iowa trip on Friday afternoon, charged all my batteries and set up my camera gear, then threw on a shift dress, lots of makeup, big hair, and headed up to Disco Cures Cancer in Wausau with my dance partner, Dale. We met up with some of our dance students, and we had an awesome time!





I didn’t stay out too late, since I had a big day on Saturday- Becky and Travis’ wedding! Dancing shook out the last of my sore marathon legs, and I slept wonderfully.
Saturday morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed…

Now, I know that I should narrow these photos down, but I just can’t. Becky and Trav are just too cute, and these photos are so genuine… So please, grab a big cup of coffee or glass of wine and hunker down. Enjoy!














































Congratulations, friends! You had an absolutely beautiful, authentic, personalized wedding, and we’ve loved getting to know you better!

That’s all for now, guys 🙂 thanks for reading!

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My crazy busy Chicago Marathon weekend!

A few weeks before the race, I started finalizing my plans for the marathon. Where was I staying? What was I eating? What was I wearing before, during, and after the race? Part of that planning process is planning when to go to the expo to pick up my bib. Chicago Marathon is the biggest race I’ve run, with 45,000 marathoners.
To make a long story short, this race has been on my bucket list, but October has been really trendy for weddings the last few years. When we hadn’t booked a wedding for the weekend of the race, I decided to keep the weekend open, and I entered the lottery. I was one of the lucky folks who made it in on my first try. 🙂 Shortly after I found out I made it into the race, our friends Lindsey and Derek came to us and asked us to capture their big day… scheduled for the day before the marathon. I couldn’t say no. Sure, this flies in the face of all race advice… the kind of stuff that says 1) rest, 2) put your feet up, literally, 3) hydrate, 4) up your carbohydrate intake, etc….
It didn’t matter. I couldn’t wait to work with these guys!!
I knew I wasn’t going to be easy on my body by shooting a full coverage wedding the day before the race, then getting in the car, driving riding four and a half hours to Chicago, arriving at 3 am, snagging a few hours sleep, then running a full… and just when you would think that was the worst part, I realized I couldn’t go to the expo on Saturday to pick up my bib. In the past, when I couldn’t make the expo (ex: it was in Massachussets, and I was still flying in, or I was shooting a wedding, so I couldn’t pop in), the race directors would either 1) mail me my bib, 2) allow me to send someone in my place to pick it up, with a photocopy of my license, or 3) allow me to pick up the bib on race morning. I called the Chicago Marathon folks to see what my options were, and they said that none of those would work. I asked if I could donate my bib to another runner who didn’t make the lottery, and they said no. I asked if I could sell it to someone, and they said no. Unfortunately for me, I was SOL. Of course, I could drive the four hours from home down to Chicago to pick it up on Friday, then drive back home to shoot on Saturday… So that is what I did.
On Thursday night, my friend Henry and his family (including two super cute little girls!) opened their home to me, so I drove 3/4 of the way on Thursday. They pumped me full of pasta and giggles, and I am thankful!

The expo was grand, and majestic, and superbly awesome. Being an emotional runner, I cried just walking into the place.

Here you go- a photo recap of some of my favorite things!







I didn’t spend too much time walking around, because I had to hurry home to get to a photo shoot with Kameron. The Friday afternoon traffic through both Chicago and Milwaukee was pretty bad, but I made it home in just over five hours, and headed over to this shoot. Kameron is a musician and composer, and he was featured in Hoopla this month.




After my shoot, I went home, ate some sweet potatoes, and packed up my bags: camera gear for the wedding, comfy clothes for the late-night drive to Chicago, race gear, post-race clothes, all my shower and recovery stuff… Our living room was a disaster.
We woke up early and headed up to Wausau to capture Lindsey and Derek’s big day. It was such a fun day, and the time just flew by. Take a peek at why I couldn’t turn them down- a gorgeous, kind, loving, authentic couple. Their love jumps out of all these images, and you can just tell how much they care about their friends and family. ❤
























Derek carved this secret message in the trellis for the ceremony…






















Lindsey even gave me a couple pieces of wedding cake to carb load in the car, and they told a bunch of their guests about the race, so a ton of strangers wished me luck at the end of the night! What a cool couple, and we’re so happy we got to work with them. Congratulations, friends!!
Heidi’s status? Apprehensive but happy.

We left around 10, headed home, unloaded wedding gear, loaded up race gear, cuddled with Abbie for luck, then hit the open road. Brian drove, and I tried to sleep, but it was a little tricky. Stay tuned for the results of this crazy extravaganza. 🙂

Miles this year: 480.5

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Snow? In October?

Yes, it snowed. Sam and Spencer probably didn’t expect snow on their October 4th wedding, but they awoke on their wedding morning to a fresh dusting. Luckily for us, they braved the cold to play outside with us for a few photos. The ceremony was moved indoors, right near the fireplace at the country club, and they were surrounded by family and friends. Many happy tears were shed! Take a peek for yourself.




These two are huge Star Wars fans. Their pastor even said, “May God’s force be with you,” in the ceremony!



































We had a wonderful time! Congratulations, Sam and Spencer!

In typical Heidi style, we celebrated shooting two weddings in two days by planning a full Sunday.
We slept in a little bit, then headed over to Nekoosa for their annual Pumpkin Festival. The highlight of this festival is when they hoist a giant pumpkin up on a crane, then drop it. This year’s pumpkin was 1400 pounds! We missed the pumpkin drop (it happened later in the day), so the highlight for us was the Nekoosa Ambulance Run The Pumpkin 5K. All the proceeds from the race support their ambulance and medical crews. It’s a cause I can get behind! 🙂
Did you know that Nekoosa is the Giant Pumpkin Capital of Wisconsin?

This little race is awesome. With Chicago Marathon a week away, I was looking for a surefire confidence boost. I rarely run these small town races, but I had a a lot of fun! It was an out-and-back course, with Daisy Girl Scouts handing out water at the turnaround. It was almost too cute. I loved it! It was my fastest 5K yet, 26:55… And with such a small field, I earned third in my age group. My first age group award ever! Maybe I should run more small races… 🙂


I was on cloud nine, and we hopped back in the car to go up to Wausau to celebrate our adorable friend, Halle, turning three!

I love this little peanut. Some of our college friends made the trip to celebrate, as well!


Halle loves minions, so she and Mom (Jenny!) made these cute cupcakes.

Happy birthday, cutie! We all love you.

When we headed out, I noticed I’d put my shoes next to Halle’s. It’s a good thing she’s three, otherwise I’d feel like a giant! 🙂

Next up? A trip to Green Bay for some fly shop time, engagement portraits, and dinner. 🙂 Thanks for reading, friends!

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Fall, a bead class, and lots of love.

We’ve been capturing a lot of love lately… both from families and weddings.
Take a peek at this cute family. 🙂






We really love autumn, and we try to highlight it with as many outdoor sessions as possible!
A while ago, my dance student, Marisha, gave me a gift certificate for a class at Blue Bead. I love beading, so this was so fun!

I made a triple wrap bracelet that turned out beautifully. I’m so proud! I won’t post a photo because a few of my friends will be receiving these as Christmas gifts. 🙂
Brian surprised me by upgrading my RAM. I came home and found this!

I’m a lucky girl. 🙂 the RAM came just in time for us to run up to Wausau to shoot the reception of Allie and Toby. These two had their wedding in Grand Marais, MN, and had a reception “at home” for their friends and family. Enjoy!



















I’m sorry this is such a photo-heavy post, but you know me. 🙂
We came home on Friday night, after celebrating with those two, and plugged in our batteries, kicked up our feet, and rested for twelve hours before setting out to capture Sam and Spencer’s fall wedding. That’s up next!

Miles this year: 463.9

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