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So Many Photoshoots, So Little Time

I love my weekday photo shoots- they’re less of a time commitment than weddings, but I still get the chance to capture some adorable people and catch some unique moments!

The Pulvermacher boys met me at the park for a little play time! It has been two years since I had the chance to capture a little Pulvermacher… Grant was so tiny when he was in last!

7157_10151730657785101_2027897922_n 575895_10151730657880101_1653879504_n

Look at him now- all grown up, loves to tell me about life, and he has a baby brother!

Pulvermacher boys-5Pulvermacher boys-1

Photo shoots are exhausting.

Pulvermacher boys-2 Pulvermacher boys-3 Pulvermacher boys-4  Pulvermacher boys-6 Pulvermacher boys-7

These two are just the cutest. I am an only child, so I just love learning about and capturing the relationship between siblings!

Later that afternoon, I ran over to Appleton for the Lifest leadership meeting. Being partially in charge of our team of photographers and videographers makes me excited but also nervous! I’m always worried about everyone’s wellbeing.

I found a few friends at the meeting- Bill and Darrell!


Love those guys. I left the meeting totally pumped! 🙂

The following day was a session with the gorgeous Robyn. I have worked with her several times before- for her engagement and wedding photos with her husband, Rodney. These two are expecting a baby, so we headed out to Robyn’s parents’ land in the country, and we had a blast!

Robyn maternity-2Robyn maternity-1  Robyn maternity-3 Robyn maternity-4

Robyn is just glowing, and she has this beautiful laugh that just resonates with my soul. I’m so excited for these two!

Robyn maternity-5 Robyn maternity-6 Robyn maternity-7 Robyn maternity-8 Robyn maternity-9

Congratulations, Swart family! I can’t wait to meet your little one. ❤

…and that shoot brought me to Friday, where I had another opportunity to work with Heidi and Maxx. They are the couple that does a “picture-in-a-picture” shoot every year to celebrate their anniversary. I was lucky enough to shoot their 2nd anniversary photo, and they came back this year for their 4th anniversary. Time flies!

Heidi and Maxx-1 Heidi and Maxx-2 Heidi and Maxx-3

I just love these two, and their anniversary photo idea is super cute! Take a peek at the frame that they’re holding… you can see their other pictures inside of that image!

Heidi and Maxx-4

That brought me to Friday night, and the start of my Fourth of July festivities. My next post will tell you all about that- running, cookouts, time at the lake, time on the river, a trip to the winery… it gets better and better!

As always, thanks for reading, friends!

Miles this year: 304.55

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Wedding Recovery + The Bakken Family + Bram’s Senior Portraits

Being in a wedding is exhausting! 🙂 Brian and I stayed with Abbie at the Jefferson Street Inn, so we could just walk over to the gift opening brunch. That hotel was really quite wonderful! We’ve shot weddings there before, and I’ve loved working with their catering and event staff, but we’d never actually stayed there. Our room was classy, the front desk staff was very friendly (I needed extra shampoo to get all the hairspray out of my updo!), and they let Abbie stay there for a small fee. The trip signified many “firsts” for Abbie- her first hotel stay, her first carpet experience (we have hardwood and tile), and her first ride in an elevator! She was such a champ. I love that cutie! We took her for ice cream at Briqs to celebrate. 🙂

image1 (13)

I started the next week with an adorable family/maternity shoot with the Bakken family. Kendi is beautifully pregnant with Teddy, so we had a fabulous shoot with these guys!

Bakken family-1Bakkens-3Bakkens-4Bakkens-5Bakkens-6Bakken family 2-1

It’s safe to say Jace is excited about becoming a big brother! 🙂

After their photo shoot, I went for a run around the park. I found a little trail that I hadn’t run before, and I loved exploring.

image6 (7) image7 (7)

Hot, humid runs are a special kind of cleansing. 🙂 I got home in time to clean up and finish studying before my first full city council meeting. Here’s the view from my new “office…”

image5 (7)image3 (7)

…and of course, a selfie with the alders from Districts 5 and 6. 🙂

Our friend, Ali, had a cancelled flight, so she was in Stevens Point for an extra day. We met at Emy J’s, caught up, and I learned all about her Brooklyn life! New York sounds like a completely different experience- I’ve been there once, but we went and visited all the sights that tourists typically see, so it wasn’t a really authentic experience. 🙂

image8 (6)

I finished out the week with some fabulous senior portraits for Bram. He’s a very talented soccer player and avid fly angler, so we had a variety of locations for the shoot. 🙂

bram-3   bram-4 Bram-2bram-5 bram-6 bram-7

It was great to work with you, Bram! Thanks for not kicking that soccer ball right at my head.


Shots like this are a sure sign of trust… I wouldn’t lay down on the ground with my gear in front of just any soccer player and ask him to shoot the ball. 🙂

I was busy putting the final touches on my STREAM Girls program, and subsequently feeling pretty stressed, so Brian decided to take me on a little date to Belts’! It’s a short bike ride from our home, and we just LOVE their ice cream! 🙂

image9 (5) image10 (4)

It’s easy to support local businesses when their products are delicious! 🙂

Up next? STREAM Girls- all the cuteness of Girl Scouts learning about their watershed and the Trout Unlimited volunteers who help. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading! 🙂

Miles this year: 294.1

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Cupcakes + New Phones + Mother’s Day

I really do love being busy, especially because it means I get to eat lots of delicious treats to refuel.

Take this olive oil. fig, and pistachio cupcake, for example.

fig cupcake-1

It was every bit as delicious as it looks. Food photography is the best. 🙂 That cupcake is from the Main Grain Bakery.

I’m super excited to announce that we have FINALLY ditched Sprint. After fighting with them over connection and coverage issues, and being issued several new phones, then losing data in my office and home, and spending hours with customer service, we finally just decided to ditch them before our contract is over. We happily switched to AT&T, and we went to Best Buy to do it. These two guys just made our day… we had great service, and now we both proudly use the iPhone 6. Yippee!

image1 (3) image2 (1)

We celebrated Mother’s Day with brunch (for dinner) for our moms, but I spent some extra time with Abbie for the morning. Since we don’t have kids, she’s the closest thing to a baby that I have, and I sure do appreciate her. ❤


We took a little field trip over to the Hines/Bellile family’s home to do an extended family photo shoot. They all came in by car and plane to spend Mother’s Day with their grandparents. Look at this crew!

mothers day-1

After a long weekend, I recouped for the week by heading up to Wausau for my best friend, Amy, and her wedding hair and makeup trial run. 🙂


Wedding prep is so exciting! ❤ I can’t wait to tell you all about her wedding.

As always, thanks for reading, friends!

Miles this year: 284.1

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I can’t believe I left my keys on the hood.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, I was unloading the car when I got home, and I put my keys on the hood of the car. Later that evening, Brian and I hopped in my car to drive to hang out with some of our friends, and he used his car keys. We were several miles from home when he looked down on the hood and noticed my keys were sitting there.

image1 (2)

They’re not magnetized or anything- I don’t know how they stayed! I urged Brian to pull over, but he said, “If they haven’t come off yet, they’ll be okay until we get there.” We drove the last few miles with baited breath, but they didn’t budge. I’m so lucky!

I paid forward my good karma by donating a photo shoot for the absolutely precious little Bennett.


His momma and daddy tried for many years to have this little peanut, and we all eagerly awaited his arrival!

Bennett-1 Bennett-3

Congratulations, Kostuhoski family! ❤

I spent several days doing headshots for a couple different companies, including my physical therapist’s office, Point Forward. Look at these friendly PTs! 🙂

PFPT headshots-1 PFPT headshots-2 PFPT headshots-3 PFPT headshots-4 PFPT headshots-5

I also had the opportunity to do headshots for the Festival foods company.


I did about 130 of them, and they all look pretty much like this. 🙂

Festival headshot-1

After my first day shooting for Festival at their Green Bay support office, I swung by my favorite fly shop, Tight Lines. They were prepping their gear for the busy guide season.


I dropped off a couple beers (share the love with your fly shop, people!), had a few laughs, then headed home to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Brian. Margaritas, fajitas, and eating on the porch. I love summer in Wisconsin.

image4 image5 image6

I had a bunch of other shoots, but made time for a little community race that raises money for CAP services. Our friend, Jenny, also ran the race! A little warm weather 5K was perfect for a weeknight.

image7 image8

I finished off the week with my last TU chapter board meeting at Shooters in Plover. We’ve switched our meeting location to the new community room in SentryWorld. It’s an incredible facility.

image1 (1) image9

Our weekend included a shoot with all of the individual students at Heywood Music Studios. Here’s the group shot from their spring piano recital!

Heywood recital-1

Always a busy girl, and always running around. More adventures to come.

As always, thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 282.1

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Wausau MS walk 2015 + Kentucky Derby + Kosmalski extended family

After that eventful Friday, waking up Saturday morning early was not easy!

I didn’t mind it, though- my best friend, Nikki, is on the planning board for Wausau’s MS walk, and they needed photographers. We happily volunteered, and headed up to Wausau on a beautiful Saturday morning,

Volunteers were busy registering walkers and teams were gathering for pep talks and team photos.

I sang the national anthem… 

 …and they were off! 



The course was beautiful, winding along the Wisconsin River, under little bridges, and through the woods. 







 The course was full of volunteers and people ready to help. 

Once walkers made it back, they we greeted with prizes, face painting, and lots of snacks!

   Great job, Nikki and the committee- your event was fantastic! 

We left Wausau and came back home to attend a Kentucky Derby party with some of my ballroom dancing friends. Our resident liquor expert and mixologist… 


I was all fancy…

 We watched the race, of course. 
Then we spent the night drinking fancy drinks, dancing on the porch, and telling stories! Thanks for all the fun, dancing friends! 

 I love being busy, and things never seem to slow down. We slept soundly after that busy Saturday, woke up early, charged our batteries, changed out memory cards, went to Tapestry, then had an extended family photo shoot. Jonah’s family came to see us for family photos a couple years ago, and this time, she brought her siblings, their families, and her parents. Look at these cuties!   


  I love working with families, because it is so cool to see the family resemblance through the generations. I can see it in their faces, or their smiles, or the way they laugh. I can even see it when there is no biological connection- children imitate their parents, so kindness is passed through families, too! 

Families are awesome. 


Thanks for bringing your whole family to work with us, Jonah! 🙂

I love my job. I love capturing moments and I love being able to give back to my community. I’m a lucky girl!

Miles this year: 274.1

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Winter to Spring

After some bitterly cold temperatures, we were thankful for a little warm up. Andrew and Melissa met us out at the park with their super cute pup, Driver.


Not only is Driver named after my favorite Green Bay Packer, he’s a smart and sweet dog! He is a special kind of therapy dog that works in an elementary school and helps kids learn to read. He cuddles up by them, and the kids read books to him. ❤




I was lucky enough to first meet Andrew in college band, and now we’re all grown up. Thanks for coming out for photos, friends! 🙂 

My sole sisters and I took advantage of the slightly warmer temperatures and logged a few snowy miles, too.

 I had a visit to the studio by a delicious macaroon…


 …and you can bet your bottom dollar that I ate that macaroon immediately after I was finished. If you want one like this, pop over to Kavarna in Green Bay.

My amaryllis is starting to bloom. Each winter, I plant an amaryllis bulb. I’m inspired by them- even when the pot is next to our cold, cold window, the bulb still grows and that gorgeous flower finds the courage to bloom. It gives me the courage to bloom in this cold winter!


So with that newfound courage, I took it to the trails.

 Marathon training is ramping up! 🙂

Up next? A stylish salon shoot and a ton of delicious food in the studio.

Miles this year: 132

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Ringing in the new year…

We spent the end of December enjoying our time with family and friends, including the Zencka family. The three boys came home for Christmas, so mom, Susan, hired us to capture their family.


Good looking boys and cute pups. What could be better? 🙂
Our celebrations for New Year’s Eve were in the Twin Cities with some of our college Delta Omicron friends. We started with dinner to celebrate Amanda’s birthday…

It was a rowdy party!

We actually woke up pretty early on January 1st, and we headed over to the Mall of America to see my brother and sister-in-law and the kiddos!

We took Teeny to Build-A-Bear for her birthday, and I soaked up the snuggles.


We started 2015 full of hope, planning new things, and needing a nap!

Miles this year: 60

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Winter photo projects

Winter projects are some of my favorites, as I take more risks. I have a little more time to learn and experiment when the weather is cold. 🙂 I haven’t done much work with paintings before, other than a couple gallery shoots. This beauty was taken for the cover of a client’s book that will be released soon. 🙂

I also worked on a special project for an author and fly tyer… Take a peek at this fly! I love it when my interests collide for work.

This little cutie turned one, and his parents wanted to play in the snow with me!

We were in the middle of a crazy snowstorm, but these guys were too much fun.





Thank you for braving the snow, Rumberg family! I had a blast. 🙂
That’s all for now 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 5.5 (I hope it warms up to above zero soon so I can get back to running!)

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More cute families + a very sexy bassist

The Romatowski family. A chilly day + two very energetic boys = mountain climbing fun on Rib Mountain.







I love working with families. I have the opportunity to sneak a peek into the lives of some amazing parents and get the chance to win over the little cuties in an hour. How awesome is that?
I also worked with some repeat clients- the Schurk family. So. Cute.

See? Even though it was chilly, the kids were all such troopers.







And now… A total 180… To a gorgeous bass player.

Meet Jenilee. This stunner was preparing for her bass recital, so we met up for some promo photos for her recital posters. How lucky am I?





That’s all my adventures for this week, friends. As always, thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 2.5

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My mom is engaged!

In some of the most exciting news of the season, I’m happy to announce that my momma is engaged. 🙂
She’ll be marrying Bill Olson next June, and we couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be hanging out with them soon and taking some pictures, and I can’t wait to share them!
Speaking of engagement portraits, I was pretty excited to hang out with Lindsey and Derek a couple weeks ago. It was storming and the skies looked ominous, but we made the best of it, and the sun even came out at the end of our session! Take a peek at these cuties.






We can’t wait to shoot their wedding. How beautiful are they? 🙂
Next up is the Klesmith family. We were lucky enough to shoot their engagement portraits and their wedding, and now here we are… Shooting their family portraits! Brace yourself, little Owen is too cute to handle.







The Klesmiths won a portrait package that we donated to a cancer benefit locally, so this shoot was extra special, as we were able to help our community. It wasn’t just a family photo shoot, it was also a special announcement…

Congratulations, Hannah and Mike! We’re so excited for you.
I’m blogging from the waiting room at Auto Select (Matt and Josh at the desk are awesome!) while I get new tires, but I’ll be back in my office soon, working on photos!
Thanks for reading, friends.

Miles this year: 360.75

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