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4 Common Questions (and Answers!) to Make Your Headshots Memorable

Hey, friends!

One of my personal goals this year is to spend more time writing, and I thought I’d start with the topics that I get the most questions about.

This post features HEADSHOT questions! ❤

“How do I take a professional headshot?”

“Can I take my headshots outdoors? Is it unprofessional to skip the backdrop?”

“When do I need to bring a prop along?”

“What do I wear?”

Don’t worry, y’all- I have you covered. Here’s a little “insider” information that I share with my clients prior to our headshot sessions. 🙂

“How do I take a professional headshot?”

You hire a professional! 😉 Of course, you can always ask a friend with a camera to help you out, but working with an experienced professional will help you achieve a natural, fun, flattering portrait.

“Can I take my headshots outdoors? Is it unprofessional to skip the backdrop?”

You can DEFINITELY take your headshots outdoors- especially if it aligns with your brand. I’ve done headshots in my studio, in my clients’ offices, in their workspaces, and outdoors- both in urban and rural settings. Your headshot location should reflect your style and fit the brand of your company. For example, these stylist headshots were taken in their salon!

“When do I need to bring a prop along?”

You never NEED to bring a prop, but props can be used to add interest and personality to your portrait. You would know this makeup artist is a makeup artist by looking at her website or Instagram page, but her makeup brush and unique posture adds visual interest and allows her to stand out among the competition!

“What do I wear?”

In general, I recommend solid colors or simple patterns. However, it’s also important for your attire to match your brand. If you work in a healthcare field, perhaps you want to wear your scrubs, or whatever your patients will see you in when they have an appointment.

If you work in fashion or a creative field, consider something that represents your own style. The location and/or backdrop that you choose may change based on what you are wearing. For a traditional style, we’ll choose a contrasting background, but for modern styling, we can throw that “rule” out the window and play around with a different type of contrast.

If all else fails, and you’re at a loss for what to wear or where to do your headshot, remember that a professional photographer can take a classic, professional headshot and inject your personality, so the results are outstanding, not outdated.

As always, thanks for reading, friends! Here’s hoping 2021 is our best year yet! ❤



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I can’t believe I left my keys on the hood.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, I was unloading the car when I got home, and I put my keys on the hood of the car. Later that evening, Brian and I hopped in my car to drive to hang out with some of our friends, and he used his car keys. We were several miles from home when he looked down on the hood and noticed my keys were sitting there.

image1 (2)

They’re not magnetized or anything- I don’t know how they stayed! I urged Brian to pull over, but he said, “If they haven’t come off yet, they’ll be okay until we get there.” We drove the last few miles with baited breath, but they didn’t budge. I’m so lucky!

I paid forward my good karma by donating a photo shoot for the absolutely precious little Bennett.


His momma and daddy tried for many years to have this little peanut, and we all eagerly awaited his arrival!

Bennett-1 Bennett-3

Congratulations, Kostuhoski family! ❤

I spent several days doing headshots for a couple different companies, including my physical therapist’s office, Point Forward. Look at these friendly PTs! 🙂

PFPT headshots-1 PFPT headshots-2 PFPT headshots-3 PFPT headshots-4 PFPT headshots-5

I also had the opportunity to do headshots for the Festival foods company.


I did about 130 of them, and they all look pretty much like this. 🙂

Festival headshot-1

After my first day shooting for Festival at their Green Bay support office, I swung by my favorite fly shop, Tight Lines. They were prepping their gear for the busy guide season.


I dropped off a couple beers (share the love with your fly shop, people!), had a few laughs, then headed home to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Brian. Margaritas, fajitas, and eating on the porch. I love summer in Wisconsin.

image4 image5 image6

I had a bunch of other shoots, but made time for a little community race that raises money for CAP services. Our friend, Jenny, also ran the race! A little warm weather 5K was perfect for a weeknight.

image7 image8

I finished off the week with my last TU chapter board meeting at Shooters in Plover. We’ve switched our meeting location to the new community room in SentryWorld. It’s an incredible facility.

image1 (1) image9

Our weekend included a shoot with all of the individual students at Heywood Music Studios. Here’s the group shot from their spring piano recital!

Heywood recital-1

Always a busy girl, and always running around. More adventures to come.

As always, thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 282.1

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Life has sure been busy.

I’m starting to learn that being busy is just a state that we all know as adulthood.  I keep thinking things will slow down, but they don’t! 🙂 I did take a very brief break after the race, but it didn’t last!

While I’ve been out on adventures, here is what you missed:

-An Earth Day presentation. Matt, my TU chapter president, and I, made a PowerPoint to share what TU does in our community. The Jensen Center was packed with friends of water in our area. 🙂   

   -I ran up to Wausau and did a few headshots and event photos from an oral health presentation sponsored by Fehrman Orthodontics.  

   -I cooked a killer batch of fajitas. They were pretty, too…  -I religiously went to yoga at Community Soul.   

 -And last, but not least, Brian and I celebrated my one-week-post-marathon anniversary by running a little five mile race in New London. It’s called the Sturgeon Shuffle, and the course runs along the Wolf River while the sturgeon are typically spawning.  It was a great race, though my legs were feeling pretty tired near the end. Marathon recovery is no joke! I do love running along the water, and this course is an out-and-back, with a two mile option. It starts and ends at the school, runs through a little park, then the rest of the course follows the river. I loved that part of it. Brian was a trooper and stuck with me through the whole thing, even though I felt like I was running excruciatingly slow. Post-marathon muscle fatigue is such a weird and very real thing. It was a relatively small race, with chilly and windy weather, and it was well organized. They had bananas and delicious cookies at the finish, so I was obviously pretty excited for that! We finished and warmed up inside the school until it was time for awards.

Brian placed 2nd in his age group. I got 3rd in mine, and we both came home with these fabulous mugs as awards.   

 I’ve been traveling all over the place, shooting places, people, and projects… and I can’t wait to sit still long enough to share them all with you! 

I’ll be back soon. 🙂

Miles this year: 266

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