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I can’t believe I left my keys on the hood.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently, I was unloading the car when I got home, and I put my keys on the hood of the car. Later that evening, Brian and I hopped in my car to drive to hang out with some of our friends, and he used his car keys. We were several miles from home when he looked down on the hood and noticed my keys were sitting there.

image1 (2)

They’re not magnetized or anything- I don’t know how they stayed! I urged Brian to pull over, but he said, “If they haven’t come off yet, they’ll be okay until we get there.” We drove the last few miles with baited breath, but they didn’t budge. I’m so lucky!

I paid forward my good karma by donating a photo shoot for the absolutely precious little Bennett.


His momma and daddy tried for many years to have this little peanut, and we all eagerly awaited his arrival!

Bennett-1 Bennett-3

Congratulations, Kostuhoski family! ❤

I spent several days doing headshots for a couple different companies, including my physical therapist’s office, Point Forward. Look at these friendly PTs! 🙂

PFPT headshots-1 PFPT headshots-2 PFPT headshots-3 PFPT headshots-4 PFPT headshots-5

I also had the opportunity to do headshots for the Festival foods company.


I did about 130 of them, and they all look pretty much like this. 🙂

Festival headshot-1

After my first day shooting for Festival at their Green Bay support office, I swung by my favorite fly shop, Tight Lines. They were prepping their gear for the busy guide season.


I dropped off a couple beers (share the love with your fly shop, people!), had a few laughs, then headed home to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Brian. Margaritas, fajitas, and eating on the porch. I love summer in Wisconsin.

image4 image5 image6

I had a bunch of other shoots, but made time for a little community race that raises money for CAP services. Our friend, Jenny, also ran the race! A little warm weather 5K was perfect for a weeknight.

image7 image8

I finished off the week with my last TU chapter board meeting at Shooters in Plover. We’ve switched our meeting location to the new community room in SentryWorld. It’s an incredible facility.

image1 (1) image9

Our weekend included a shoot with all of the individual students at Heywood Music Studios. Here’s the group shot from their spring piano recital!

Heywood recital-1

Always a busy girl, and always running around. More adventures to come.

As always, thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 282.1

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Cinco de Mayo!

Crazy weekend so far at the Oberstadt home.
On Thursday night, I had a TU board meeting and Brian had a union meeting. I’m super excited to go to fly fishing school in two weeks.


Our board is a bunch of fun guys, and they are teaching me a lot.

After I finished up the meeting, I headed over to Guu’s to meet Ashley and Sarah to drop off one of the Running for Rachael shirts. It turned out to be a night of awesome random encounters! Starting with…

…my friend, Brendan, who was celebrating the end of his long commutes to finish up his doctoral degree. The girls came soon after. Since the loss of our sisters, we cherish each other and make every effort to see our friends whenever we can!

I played a few games of foos with Mikey…

…saw Jim doing yo yo tricks…

…and wrapped up the night with my sweet husband.

Brian had Friday off from work, so we worked in the yard together, and we found the best surprise…

Morels! Yum. Friday was a blur of getting ready for the weekend. We drove up to Wausau to drop off May day flowers for my mom and stop at Sam’s Club. We also shot a piano studio recital on Friday night, but I don’t have photo releases for those adorable kids so I can’t provide any proof.
We woke up early on Saturday to head to La Crosse for a 5K. Brian was driving, I was sleeping. This is me, upon waking. 🙂

My trusty driver.

We had just gotten into La Crosse when my car started sputtering. We looked at the gas gauge, and I had 1/8 tank of gas left, then my car turned off. We coasted into a parking lot, and I got worried. Brian was convinced that my gauge was broken and my car was out of gas…

…and he was right. So my gauge must be broken. 😦 I did learn that gas stations often have loaner gas cans. I hated being that couple walking down the street carrying a gas can. How embarrassing! Luckily, it was an easy fix, and our friend, Karl, was able to pick up our bibs for us. We made it to the race with plenty of time to spare. It was an overcast, humid morning, and the race started and finished along the water.



This is everyone before the race.
Brian was beyond ready!

I was, too!

Jaime walked the race with her brother- and sister-in-law, and their super cute baby, Lucy! Karl started the race with us.

We started too far back in the pack- we had to weave through a lot of walkers. Whoops. We had a little fun with that, then settled in to our pace.

La Crosse’s police department uses Jeeps!

The course was a mix of city streets and paths along the water.

We finished with a official time of 30:28 and 30:29. I cheered Brian on ahead of me. 🙂 I’m still debating the time- my Garmin showed our time being a full minute faster than theirs- I wonder if this race messed up our official start time? Anyway, I cried happy tears of pride for my husband.



Lucy was able to walk across the finish line for the first time, and it was adorable.

We stopped at Panera bread for lunch. 🙂


I love you, Jaime! The ride home was beautiful- I love that area of our state. La Crosse is so hilly, and everything was so green with the rain we’ve had lately.

We got home from the race and started preparing for my photo shoot and our Cinco de Mayo get together. I left our house just as people were arriving, and I headed over to the Theatre @1800 to shoot the concert of my friend, Danny. I love hearing him play, and our friend Ben flew in from Maryland to play, as well.






It was great to see you, Danny. Thanks for having me capture your concert!

It was also SUPER awesome to see Ben.

I rushed home to see all our friends. Brian, Devon and Christy, Amanda, Curtis and Mo, Davin and Kari, and Mary and Joe. It was a fun night of margaritas, Cranium, charades, and friends 🙂








Curtis, Mo, and Amanda spent the night 🙂 We made a delicious pancake breakfast since I’m carb loading for tomorrow’s 20 miler.


I have to go for now- the boys were rained out of their golf scramble today, so we’re having an afternoon of friends, too! 🙂

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