Transcribing Dance Company Shoot + Working From Home

I was honored when Charys, this lovely lady…

TDC at Central Waters-5

…the choreographer of Transcribing Dance Company, invited me to be a part of a collaboration. I had the chance to shoot her company with Brendan, another photographer, over at Central Waters Brewing. I’ve had a couple shoots over at Central Waters in the past, but no surprise- they were all beer-related.

This one involved some lovely dancers in a big warehouse full of aging barrels (and playing in their prairie out back), and it yielded some pretty neat results!

TDC at Central Waters-3

TDC at Central Waters-2

TDC at Central Waters-1 Β Β TDC at Central Waters-4 TDC at Central Waters-6 TDC at Central Waters-7 TDC at Central Waters-8

It was fun to work with another photographer on a shoot like this- since Brendan and I have very different styles, I bet TDC got a really varied selection to choose from! πŸ™‚ Speaking of working with other photographers- I spent this week trying to get everything done before heading to Lifest, where I work with (and supervise) the Ninjagrapher team. Ninjagrapher is the name that we’ve given to our photographers and videographers, since we encourage them to be ninja-like in their shooting. Of course, I’m not very good at being like a ninja- my smile gives me away every time. Anyway, I was pleased to set up an interview with the two newest members of our Ninjagrapher team, the Jaeger boys!

image1 (17)

We had a very serious interview at Belts’ Ice Cream, then I welcomed them to our team with open arms, and set up the logistics of the event with their parents.

I do love working from home most of the time, but it’s always exciting for me to get out and meet with people for ice cream or coffee. I’m still continuing to work on shutting down my computer when my day is over, and not sitting on the couch all evening doing work. Work is work and home is home, and when those two things are only 12 steps apart, it gets hard to differentiate… especially when the majority of my clients come home from their jobs, then want to communicate wtih me! πŸ™‚

One of the up sides of working from home is that I get to choose the length of my commute, so I often choose places that are within bicycling distance. When I heard about the ReVisioning Point community meeting pertaining to bicycles, I was thrilled to attend! Of course, I rode my bike. πŸ™‚ Our representative, Katrina Shankland, was in attendance, and we sat together. It’s so encouraging to know we have support of elected leaders at all levels in our attempts to make our city safer and more friendly for cyclists and pedestrians.

image2 (13)

That’s all for now, friends. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚ Up next? My momma’s wedding. ❀

Miles this year: 300.1

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