Finding my routine.

Summer has officially arrived. Yesterday afternoon, it was 15 degrees hotter here in Central Wisconsin than it was in Miami, Florida. It seems crazy.

With summer comes a renewed sense of excitement for the upcoming months. I’m looking forward to a fun mixture of barbeques, bonfires, and baseball games.

I’m still working on my “spring cleaning” and my major annual household purge. As I dig through our unused items and repurpose them, I’m reminded that I do love living a simpler life. Buying less and making more. Eating less and moving more. My focus is turning to enjoying the life that I’m living and surrounding myself with people and places that I love.

When I’m not working at Starbucks on early mornings, I have a wonderful morning routine that I love. I wake up and take my thyroid pill first thing, then lace up my shoes, take out the pups, and go for my morning run. When I get home, I start brewing some coffee and cut up the fruit for my breakfast. While the coffee is brewing (that joyous sound!), I enjoy a little sun salutation or two. 🙂  I cherish that silent time in the kitchen with my dogs, while I make my to-do list for the day and clean up the kitchen. After a quick shower and getting dressed, I turn on the morning news and go through my business emails and begin work on photo editing. Summer has brought a new addition to my routine- watering the garden and pulling a few weeds. Every morning, I inspect every plant and look for new growth and the first signs of fruit. I sing to my plants, in the hopes that they grow strong and steady to the sky.

It is the simple things in my life, like looking forward to a morning routine, that make each day so special.

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