New focus.

It isn’t really a surprise, but I’ve temporarily abandoned my training schedule and adopted the “run until I feel better” plan. It takes surprisingly few miles, and I’m able to work through my own feelings during that time. I’m banking on my previous training and my experiences with marathon prep… I’m trusting that a month of doing what feels good for my heart and soul will win out in the end. I’m confident that it’s early enough for me to “do what I want” and still set a PR up in Duluth.

I’ve decided to donate a dime for every mile that I run since we lost Rachael through the end of the year. I would start that count on January 1st, but I wasn’t tracking my miles earlier this year. 😦 I haven’t decided the exact charity, but it will probably be melanoma-related, or maybe I’ll donate it towards a scholarship in her name.

I’ve officially registered for Grandma’s marathon on June 16th. Brian and I got one of the last hotel rooms available in Duluth, and I’m hoping for an incredible weekend. I’m also registered for the Point Bock Run on March 3rd. I love that quick 5-mile hometown race, and everyone loves the beer at the end. 🙂 I’m tentatively planning on running the Madison half marathon on May 27th- some of my Delta Omicron siblings are joining a team for Miles for Melanoma in Rachael’s memory. I would jump right into it, but I will have had my last long run the week before, and Grandma’s is two weeks after. Knowing myself, I wouldn’t miss a chance to run as part of a team with the brothers and sisters that I love dearly. Oh, boy… It will be a busy spring 🙂

Miles this year: 12.5

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