Shall we dance?

It’s pretty common knowledge that I love running and I love photography. That’s because I talk about those things incessantly. 😀

What you might not know is that dancing is another love of mine. A passion. While I started tap and ballet when I was 4, I started ballroom, Latin, and swing dance lessons about 5 years ago. I’m lucky enough to dance twice a week these days. My dance partner, Dale, and I, practice once a week, and I help him teach lessons on Sunday nights to the Central Wisconsin Network folks. I absolutely love teaching those lessons.

We just finished up a five-week session of intermediate tango and beginner swing. I bought my mom swing lessons for Christmas, so she comes, too! I’m so proud of her progress. I love you, Mom!

I love going to dances, whether they’re casual practice dances or swing dances with live music. Formal dances are the best. I’ve loved dressing up since I was a curly-mullet-sporting bouncy little girl. When I’m dancing, I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. It helps that my sweet students say the most adorable and kind things.
“You are so graceful, I love watching you dance. You remind me of ‘Dancing With The Stars!'”
“Oh, look at your dress. You are a REAL dancer!”
They inspire me to keep practicing and get better so I can REALLY have something to show them someday. Special thanks to Chris Pruitt, whom I ran into at a weeknight dance in Waupaca, and who snapped this photo of Dale and I. 🙂


Miles this year: 75.5

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