I’m my own boss!

I’ve had a fun week with some fun photo shoots. I had a great time over at Adventure 212, taking photos in the Bistro. I also got some delicious snacks while I was there!




I came home and took a beautiful run. Here, in bizarro Wisconsin, it was almost 80 degrees, and the daffodils were blooming. Exhibit A:

Brian and I ended up getting the Sam’s Club membership. I’m not particularly fond of Walmart, and I know they’re the same, but they have seriously good deals on things we buy.
I woke up to the birds singing loudly. Come on, nature… just a few more minutes? It’s like having an alarm clock without a snooze button.
Luckily, I stocked our fridge with some of my favorite fruits- blackberries, mango, and grapes- so I had something to look forward to when I peeled myself out of bed. Well, the fruit… And a hot cup of coffee 🙂

Our puppies wanted some, too 🙂 Now that I’m spending more time working from home, I get to spend more time with my favorite girls. <;;3

I’m so happy that the weather is so wonderful. It makes commuting by bike so much more pleasant! I rode to the inspector’s office to talk to him about building permits (backyard patio to come, yay!), and to the bank, and the co-op. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that the co-op was out of quinoa!!!! I was lucky to have two of my favorite co-op employees there- Noah and Matt. Noah suggested that I try amaranth instead of quinoa, and Matt reassured me that the quinoa comes in tomorrow. 🙂 I rode home and made a salad with steamed sweet potato, chickpeas, amaranth, onions, cilantro, red wine vinegar, and olive oil, plus a bunch of my favorite dried spices. Yum!

Brian and I worked in the yard for a while this afternoon, and then I finished planting my seeds. I used a Sharpie to poke the holes, just like my grammy taught me! 😀

My herbs are coming in nicely from seed, but my real shining stars are my mint and my chives. They are growing quickly in the garden! I think I’ll be drinking mojitos by the weekend!

Miles this year: 122

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