Moving the shed!

Oh, the excitement! As I mentioned earlier this week, we prepped the back yard for moving the shed. On Saturday evening, some friends came over to help!




We did it! Thanks, Ben, Mary, and Joe, for helping us lift, and thanks to Katie for taking pictures. I do love documenting our home remodeling project. Luckily for us, they stayed for a cookout and bonfire.


Katie and Ben ❤


Mary and Joe ❤


Christy and Devon ❤


Logan and Heidi <3……. Oh wait. I wanted to give Logan a kiss, but he was having none of that nonsense. Thanks to Nic for bringing our cutest dinner guest. 🙂
I have to mention the wild goose chase that happened when Abbie took a leap of faith through the backdoor when Logan had it open. We were all scrambling around the neighborhood, trying to catch her. What a little stinker!


…but I can’t stay mad at that cute little face.
On Sunday afternoon, I planted all the lilies that I’d pulled out of the back corner of our property, and I planted some more herbs in my herb planters.


We also got to eat lunch outside! I made a pretty darn delicious chicken salad, and Brian had a brat and a hamburger. Goodbye, comfort foods of winter, and hello, summer favorites!


I took advantage of the beautiful weather and rode my cruiser to teach dance lessons this week.


Have I mentioned that I seriously love teaching those lessons?! I’m still learning to be a teacher, so I’m more of a demonstrator, problem solver, and solid partner- but I help Dale however I can.
I started off today by resigning myself to the idea of having a cold. I’ve been pretending to be well for a few days, but my cold has officially made itself known. 😦 ::sniffle:: After a rushed morning of photo business and banking, I had a couple hours of solid rehearsal with Dale tonight. I love that feeling of progress. 🙂
I’ll leave you with a quote that I found when reading O magazine (Thanks, mom! I love hand-me-down magazines!!!). I don’t personally care for some of Kanye’s more public moments of unprofessionalism, but the man does seem to know how to be successful in his business!


I better get to bed- two photo shoots tomorrow will keep me busy!

Miles this year: 144

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