Home repair, my 27th birthday, and running with Brian <3

After building three wedding sideshows yesterday, my brain is a little artistically fried today. It turns out that I’m very emotionally invested in these couples- I get goosebumps when I put together those DVDs. 🙂
I started the week by heading up to Wausau to rehearse with Dale. We played around with some new waltz and tango patterns. Such different dances… And I love them both. 🙂
Tuesday was my 27th birthday. When I was growing up, my mom and I had a tradition of breakfast in bed on my birthday (in hindsight, I’m pretty sure I didn’t make her breakfast in bed on her birthday. Sorry, Mom!). Since Brian had to leave work work much earlier than I was going to wake up, he surprised me with breakfast in bed with a twist. When I woke up, I found a text that told me my breakfast was in the fridge and the coffee maker was set to brew right when I woke up. How sweet! I forgot to take a photo of the beautiful fruit and yogurt bowl he made me. What a guy!
I worked on some home projects in the morning- like hanging these mirrors.

Now, we just have to finish those stairs… 🙂
My mom and her friend, Lisa, came to take me to lunch. We went to Grazies and I took them over to Sweetfrog for dessert. I’m so happy that we have a frozen yogurt place here!
Brian had a work meeting in the evening, so we headed out to dinner late, around 8:30. I was starving! We went to Father Fats. The food was delicious! They’re open late, but there were just a couple other people in the restaurant. One of my favorite dishes was their Asian chicken wraps.

My date is so handsome! 🙂

It has been getting pretty cold at night here, so I finally turned on the heat. I forgot how much Abbie loves the heat vent- she will lay right in front of it for hours.

I could do that, too- but instead I’ve been making warm, cozy breakfasts and getting to work. I’m on a pumpkin kick- look at this beautiful pumpkin quinoa dish!

Our friends, the Schoberts, have the cutest puppy- Chuck! They live five blocks away, and I volunteered to let him out during the day if they can’t get away from work. He’s so cute that I don’t mind at all. Especially this time of year, when I can just hop on my bike. Seriously. So cute.

Brian ran with me two days in a row this week! I thought about running with the Wednesday night group at the track, but it was a perfect night for Brian’s first fall-weather run. I’m so proud of him! He did 3.5 miles on Wednesday and 4.25 on Thursday. We ended up running into (pun intended) the Wednesday night folks out in Schmeekle. Maybe Brian will be joining me out there someday!

While I was out at Nicki’s 31 party last night, Brian installed my new office light fixture. It lights up my office so nicely, and looks pretty slick!

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite all-time wedding photo bombs. I don’t know what came over me- but when I was setting up the shot on the right, I felt a strong urge to photo bomb Brian’s shot. A girl’s gotta have fun! 🙂


Miles this year: 496.25

PS: our business’ Facebook page has reached 1,000 fans! I wonder how we should celebrate…

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