Christmas self-portraits!

Here’s a few of our favorite self portraits this Christmas season. 😀 I love designing Christmas cards!




I love this series. I can’t believe we have our five year anniversary next month! Time flies.
We’ve been busy this month with a new promotion that we’re running. I offered a reduced session fee if my clients brought in 12 canned or non-perishable food items. We’ve got a huge pile that we’re taking to the food pantry for Christmas. Here’s a couple from last week’s shoots…



Right after that last family shoot yesterday, it started snowing, and we got a lot! I’m not sure what the final tally is, but I’m guessing around 5 inches.
The snow here has been beautiful. I love running in the snow! 😀




Sure, my shoes were frozen to my feet when I got home, but I thawed out, shoveled my porch and fire hydrant, and now I’m on my couch, enjoying the view of our new stairs…

I’ll post soon about our mini-trip to Chicago for a visit with my family, the Trampled by Turtles concert, and all sorts of other fun times!

Miles this year: 642.5

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