Fishing on my mind.

Hey, friends! It’s been a great week up here. I was able to get in a few great snowy runs, instead of being on the treadmill.




It was warm enough for 3/4 length pants one day. Days like that make my spring fever much worse!
One of the perks of this cold weather is the ice fishing. I went out with my friend, Matt, and caught some of my biggest fish yet. Those pike just smile so much and have such amazing teeth.




I can operate that auger all by myself. In fact, I came home smelling like fish and gasoline. Brian’s a lucky guy! 🙂
Earlier this week, the Fly Fishing Film tour came through town. Well, came through DePere. I didn’t have a ticket (they sold out quickly!), but Matt had to work, so he gave me his. A bunch of guys from our chapter of TU headed over for the show. To be honest, it was one of those times that I was glad to be one of the few women- there was no line for the restroom! 🙂 Winter events like that make me excited for fly fishing this spring.
My new glasses came in this week, too. I like to call this look nerdy-chic.

Yesterday, our TU chapter hosted a fly-tying workshop. We even had a few girls come out!



Way to go, ladies. I hope they find some hungry bass with those pink flies 🙂
Brian’s been spending every spare moment working on my car. It’s still giving us a load of trouble! I spent my morning in yoga pants, with my head in here…

I don’t know how he works on this all the time. I guess it’s safe to say I’m not a gear head.
Please send prayers and positive energy our way so I can have my car back soon! 🙂

Miles this year: 39.25

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