Being sick: Vimeo, Jill and Breck, meeting with Katrina

Hey, friends. I’m sick. Kind of a sniffling, whining, tea-drinking, curly monster.
In between shooting, watching the Packers destroy the rudest team ever, and teaching dance last night, I sat under a big blanket and watched vimeo videos. Mostly about water. And it’s been on my mind nonstop.
So I’ll start with two of my secret favorite places. Both have trout in them. And I’m sure that some of my TU faithful friends would recognize these places, but I’ll never tell.
The first dreamy spot…

This place will probably disappear if Saratoga gets their cafo. If it doesn’t disappear, it will be forever changed. I’ll keep you all posted on the status of that project, or you can find it yourself at
The second spot isn’t really in danger of any kind, but it’s a perfect example of why a well-manicured, sparkly, sundress-loving girl will put on rubber pants and stand in cold water. I go to these places and take in as much beauty as I possibly can. Enjoy.

And always know, if you want to come, I have a spare pair of waders and a map to get us there.
On to more beauty… Engagement pictures from the countryside. Ladies and gentlemen, Breck and Jill.










It was hot and humid for this shoot, so we wrapped it up in quite possibly the best way…

I can’t wait to work with these guys! There was a time when Brian and Breck worked together and looked so much alike that people were constantly confusing them, including me! I gave Breck a hug from behind once, thinking it was Brian. Whoops. 🙂
When I came home from that shoot, I had a long awaited package at my doorstep. New skate wheels! It was way past overdue.

If I could bring a Kleenex box, cough drops, and tea, I’d go skating this afternoon. I’m missing this beautiful fall day 😦
Speaking of beautiful days, Mat and I had perfect weather for our field trip last month. We took our state representative, Katrina Shankland, out to see some of the stream work that our TU chapter has done on the Tomorrow River.


It was a really fun time- I love sharing my knowledge about “our” section of this beautiful area, and Katrina is a wonderful person. It makes me feel good to know she’s representing me at the Capitol!

Have a wonderful day, friends.
I’m off to make some more tea. ::cough::

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