I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to head over to Idaho for some photo work in December. It was a mountain-y, amazing experience. 🙂 I love that a big part of my job involves playing outside.
Check it out.
I wore that bear hat when I was on the Bear River, and I liked it so much I kept it on most of the trip!
One of the cities that I stayed in was a little place called Lava Hot Springs. There were little private hot tubs, both indoor and outdoor, that were filled with continually flowing water from the hot springs in the river. It was pretty cool to sit in them!








I was lucky enough to have my friend, Chris, take me out to (the?) Henry’s Fork and help me catch some fish!
I caught a couple different kinds, the above Rainbow Trout (on my new Tenkara rod), and a really special (and purple!) Bonneville Cutthroat Trout (on the Bear). I was so excited when I caught that fish that I fell in the water. 🙂 I can’t explain the feeling that comes when I can figure out where the fish are, use the right fly, and cast to the fish in a way that allows me, just for a second, to take in the beauty of a native fish that belongs in that water. A kind of fish that has been there for longer than any of us have been here. It’s just special. Plus, that fish was purple. With orange. ❤

One of my favorite parts about traveling is learning. Every city is different, each state is special. It is amazing how all these waters can simultaneously be the same and unique. Healing, for sure… those hot springs, quite literally. Special thanks to Chris for shooting a few of me in my element, and putting me on a few fish. 🙂
It was a sweet trip, only slightly tarnished by a major shutdown of the SLC airport due to a crazy snowstorm, and an extra day and a half stuck alone in a hotel room topped off by flying standby home with my foot in that walking boot…
but I made it home in time to snuggle with B, bake my Christmas cookies, and finish all my shopping.
Sometimes I wonder why I’m blessed with some of these amazing opportunities… But I just give thanks, and enjoy, and share the results with you!
Have a good one, friends. Up next? Reno and Georgia. 🙂

Miles this year: 116.2

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