Relax? What’s that?

I got home from Pennsylvania just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day. Brian and I invited our moms over for a brunch- we had a waffle bar!
My mom is truly an amazing woman. She was a single mom for most of my life, and made some amazing sacrifices so I had every opportunity to develop into the woman than I am. I love you, Mom!

The flowing week was packed with some of my favorite things: running the Green Circle Trail with Lydia and Carmel…

Cuddling with my favorite Halle girl…

Making chive vinegar…



…and feeding watermelon to Abbie on hot days.

I ran over to Green Bay to host an event sponsored by Green Bay TU that we called Women, Water, and Wine. It was an event for women to come and learn about the things that TU does in their community and hook them up with the local chapter. Tim Landwehr over at Tight Lines graciously donated his shop space for us. We had wine and cheese and it was a great time!


That same week, B and I went down to Milwaukee to catch a Brewer game.
I feel like the only person who tailgates with a salad, but it was delicious!





We made a couple stops for some tasty eats- gourmet cupcakes and Bloody Marys from Wicked Hop.


More trips to come- the driftless area for a meeting, the Green Bay half marathon, a baby shower… You know me. Always on the go!
Thanks for reading, friends. 🙂

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