My Big Horn Mountain Adventure (Part II)

Of course, we took time to fish.
This was the first time that I really felt like an independent angler. Brian and I didn’t know what streams to fish, or what flies to use. We looked on a map and drove around until we found some water, which turned out to be the South Fork of the Tongue River.

I read the water, and explained the differences in this type of stream compared to the Midwestern beauties that he’s been on, and I picked flies that matched the hatch. The result? Rainbows, and cutthroats, and my first cutbow.





We fished on both the North and South fork of the Tongue, and a tiny little stream a couple miles from camp.
Brian caught his first fish in a stream!!


I am so proud. We had an awesome time exploring and learning about the local water! I even found a sign put up by some TU members. 🙂

We wore waders sometimes, but I prefer to wet wade when I can 🙂

One of the days, we all went out on a long ATV ride to the Upper and Lower Paint Rock lakes, and caught a few trout in still water.

I don’t have any photos to prove this, but I shot my first gun while we were out there. Brian brought his pistol, and I learned how to shoot it. I hit both of my targets, the beer can AND the other beer can. Sure, they were only ten yards away, but I did it. Woo!
It was hard to leave- we had such an amazing time. All the fresh air and playing outside wore us out! We stopped at Mount Rushmore on the way home.


My alternator started to go bad on the way home, but we made it, and the alternator has been replaced 🙂
I left the mountains and came home to a mountain of paperwork (and photo editing!), so that is where I’ll be for the next few weeks.
Thanks for reading, friends!

Miles this year: 355.25

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