Baby K + St. Patrick’s day in Chicago + my 16 miler + saying goodbye to Aaron

Every once in a while, I have clients that blur the line between clients and friends. The Klesmith family is one of those families. We’ve worked with them for their engagement portraits, and we captured their wedding, then we did their first-born’s two year old portraits, and their second baby announcement, and now, newborn photos. 🙂

I’ve taken a couple classes specific to newborn photography recently. I’m not specializing in newborns, but I want to improve my skills for the clients that we love that keep coming back for more! Without further ado, here is the adorable baby K.


   He was bright-eyed and wide awake during our shoot, so we had the opportunity to play a little bit! What a cutie. Congratulations, Klesmiths!

They even sent me home with some homemade cider and a couple boxes of Girl Scout cookies! I’m the luckiest photographer ever. Those cookies came in handy as I carb loaded for my 16 miler. Carmel came in to town and joined me for the first half, then she hopped on my cruiser bike and rode the remainder of the run with me. It was awesome to have company, and we put my fuel and water in the bike basket for the second half. About four miles in, we saw a lady walking a super cute little lamb. I was too surprised and forgot to take a photo, but I swear it was real. I wonder if her name was Mary?

It was an okay run- it was pretty chilly, and I started to get pretty tired right around 13 miles. We ran all through town, through Schmeekle reserve, and out along the Wisconsin and back. I was wiped out when I came home, so I recovered with an ice bath, then a warm mustard bath, and took a power nap. I brought my laptop down out of the office and worked from the couch, which was a fabulous idea. I even took a few minutes to get my nails ready for the upcoming St Patrick’s day weekend!

 I finished editing another pastry from Swedish Bakery– caramel pecan rolls. Absolutely delicious.

 I packed my suitcase for the weekend, then we headed over to a Green Bay (Titletown brewery!) for a kind of surprise-going-away-get-together for my TU friend, Aaron. We’ve fished together a couple times, once down in the Driftless and once on a float trip for smallies.

Aaron just accepted an awesome job in Boulder, so he’s heading off on a whole new adventure. In a couple months, I’ll be out there visiting him, chatting with some awesome photographers, and catching my first Colorado fish. 🙂 Good luck, Aaron! We all love you and we’ll miss you. 

We spent Friday night at my mother-in-love’s house, then we left early and headed down to Chicago. We got there just in time to go pick up my sister and Rob from the train, and we got ready for our busy day!

 We all piled in the car (yes, I’m clutching a bottle of champagne)…

…and made our way to the Hibernian party.

We had a great time catching up with our family, dancing, and listening to the band, which features two of my uncles and my cousin.   



         When the party was over, we all hopped on the trolley for a mobile party! We sang Irish songs and drank and laughed. 🙂


 We stopped at a couple different bars and I even jumped in to play tambourine with a band! 


 Thank you for a fabulous St. Patrick’s day, Hoffman family! 

Sunday morning came early, as I’m sure you can imagine. I made pecan cinnamon rolls, drank a lot of coffee, marched in the Northwest parade, then headed home. I’ll need to sleep for a week to recover!

Up next? Festival College and the Bull Falls Brewery race. Thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 164.35

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