Running analysis (a.k.a. I have weak WHAT??)

After a couple weeks of recovery post-marathon, I was ready to revamp my running technique. I know my gait needed a few modifications, so I scheduled a running analysis (gait analysis) at Point Forward Motion Analysis.

It was very interesting. I learned more about my body than I ever thought I’d want to know. πŸ™‚

John is the guy in charge, and he outfitted me with little electrodes.

  Once they were attached, I went for a little run on the treadmill.

 There were several video cameras, recording me from different angles. They ran the footage through their fancy computer, and it gave me lots of data. I was especially interested in the angles of my joints mid stride.  That data helped John identify my weak muscles.   

 He used that information to give me a series of exercises to help me strengthen those weak areas, and he placed electrodes on the muscles. I then performed those exercises while watching a big tv screen that indicated when those muscles were activated.  

 No cheating! One of my weakest areas are my glutes. Even though I regularly do squats, I’d somehow trained my body to use my quads instead of my butt. Gosh, darn it! It sounds like that’s a common problem with runners, so I didn’t feel too bad about it, though I was really interested in learning how to teach my body to squat correctly. I’m glad I had those electrodes to give me some feedback when I was using the right muscles! For the record, my calves are also weak. When John suggested that, I thought he was crazy. I’d just run my ninth marathon- how could I possibly have weak calves?!

Well, he asked me to do some one-legged heel raises… turns out, I could only do a few. I guess I do have week calves!

It was a pretty awesome experience, and I left with a whole new idea of what I want my running to become this year. I love finding new muscles to strengthen and new ways to be faster and stronger. This isn’t going to be easy, but improvements are worth working for. πŸ™‚ Thanks, John!

Miles this year: 278.1

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  1. That sounds really interesting!! Way to go!

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