Police Department Tour + The Week Before Traveling

I’ve loved being an alderwoman so far- I have the opportunities to meet many of the important people who keep our city running smoothly. One of my favorite tours was of the police department! Growing up with Grampie and all of his police friends has made me a big lover of those who protect and serve, so I was very excited to check out their facility.

Of course, many places in there are pretty secret, so no pictures. I was so busy taking it all in that I didn’t even think about it!

Many thanks to our Interim Police Chief, Mr. Skibba. I loved meeting you and seeing how you guys work to keep us safe. Thank you for everything you do!

image2 (2)

I had one week left at home and in the office before leaving for a couple weeks, so I squeezed in a few headshots and mini sessions for clients before I headed off on Heidi adventures.



I had one shoot in the studio- gorgeous swirls of cream in coffee…

image1 (2)

…then I hit the road for a haircut. I have been going up to Stef at Kasha in Wausau, and she has been doing a great job! I didn’t want to head to Lifest with crazy hair, since having my face on the Jumbotron makes bad hair look exponentially worse. 🙂

image5 (1)

A little stress led to some required time on the water…

image3 (2)

image6 (1) image8 (1)image7 (1)

…and Brian surprised me with a completed project.

image4 (2)

Yes, that’s a trailer for my kayak, pulled by my cruiser bike. I’m so spoiled. SO SO spoiled. It has always bothered me that I have to load my boat or board on my car to drive the three blocks to the river, and now I can just pop it on my bike and pedal off into the sunset! Too cool. ❤ Thanks, baby! Now I just have to remember to make wide turns, since my small craft are 14 and 16 feet long.

As always, thanks for reading, friends! I’m off to pack for twenty days on the road with four days at home in-between.

Up next? Lifest- a team of photographers and videographers working out of a media trailer in the hot July sun, taking open air showers in the cattle building, and capturing concerts and concert-goers nonstop for four days. Love. It.

Miles this year: 317.8

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