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I’m sick :(

Sorry about the lapse in posts. I’ve been one sick cookie. 😦
Let me rewind to last Friday. Brian was able to pick up the parts for my car at our local Napa. Even with Brian doing the labor, replacing both shock assemblies cost an arm and a leg!

This next picture is my broken shock, the one that was about to break, and one of the new ones. Kind of interesting, huh?

While Brian worked on my car, I napped. This cold was dragging me down!
Brian was subbing in with River Cities Jazz on Friday night, and a bunch of our friends came out to play and dance.


After they were done playing (you sounded GREAT, honey!), we all went bowling. Jaime and Karl would have been proud.
Team Lane 21:

Team Lane 22:

I broke 100 the first game, and didn’t break 100 on the second game. Oh, well! We had fun.
On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with my mother-in-law and family. Brian helped the boys with the jello jiggler cut-outs.

We had a great time with the family, eating lots of great food and enjoying the company. After we got home, we had some friends over for Cranium night. We played two different versions: Cranium WOW and Cranium Party Playoff. We had a lot of fun with those games. The Cranium people are geniuses! I also baked cupcakes for Easter Sunday with my family.

I woke up on Easter feeling absolutely awful, running a fever, and rocking a nasty cough. 😦 My mom convinced us to come up to Wausau and I’m so glad I did! Grammy gave me some Alka-Seltzer (which I haven’t had in years!!) and I felt a little better. I decorated my cupcakes at Mom’s house. Aren’t they pretty?

Aiden and Bailey were the only little ones this year, and we had a lot of fun watching them on the egg hunt. Look at Bailey’s cute scrunched nose! 🙂

Grammy and Grampie still have this little bar that we always used as a swing when I was a kid. It still works! I kept thinking that one of the links would rust out on me.

Note the Easter dress with the warm hoodie. It was cold on Easter! My Grampie posed for a picture with me. 🙂

Aiden liked my cupcakes!

Mom convinced me to go to the doctor first thing on Monday for this cold and cough. Who can disobey their mother? I called and made an appointment for Monday afternoon.

I love my doctor, Dr. Nancy Swisher. She checked me out and I ended up with an inhaler and an antibiotic. She also ordered an iron test, after I mentioned some fatigue that isn’t related to my thyroid.

Brian and I had an awesome Monday night, complete with homemade pizzas, watching Donald Driver rock on Dancing With The Stars, and our favorite new Broadway-themed show, SMASH.

Whole wheat crust, spinach, homemade sauce, mushrooms, grilled chicken, tomatoes, and a little mozzarella. Yum!!

As soon as I heal up from this bronchitis, I’ll be back out running. I can’t wait! I’m going a little stir-crazy.

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