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Jessie Fritsch + cupcakes

Meet Jessie.

She invited me to her art studio for a shoot centered around her preferred medium- encaustic paint. In a nutshell, she uses colored beeswax to create beautiful scenes. Take a peek!

She basically melts the wax and applies it while it is still hot. It hardens quickly, then she uses a number of different techniques to re-melt it and fuze it to the previous layers. Hot griddles, heat guns, and scrapers are all a part of the art!

She has an adorable little studio, filled with hundreds of wax chips and lots of awards.

Thanks for inviting me, Jessie! 

I was so inspired by her work, and it fueled me through two different cupcake shoots, both from the Main Grain Bakery

I love the texture on the coconut…

And the chocolate stout with cream cheese frosting was every bit as delicious as it looks.

That’s all for now- up next? My Wisconsin Trout Unlimited banquet and a few more food items in the studio.

Thanks for reading!

Miles this year: 101

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