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A busy week of photos and recovery!

How are things over in your world, friends? Things are going well over here. I’m in the middle of a busy week! After the 1/2 marathon on Sunday, I took a day off to rest, and started some recovery runs this week. I’ve been a sore lady! On Tuesday, I ran three miles indoors and did 45 minutes on the elliptical machine. I spent quite a while talking to the Cybex rep at my gym; he was supervising the maintenance staff as they assembled our new piece of equipment- I think it’s called an Arc Trainer. Here’s a blurry photo of the guys assembling it, from my perspective on the elliptical next to them. 🙂

I also stopped over at Christian’s Bistro to get a few shots of Michael, the executive sous chef. He is featured in the May SCENE as the subject of the Frugal Foodies column.

His knife tattoos used to scare the crap out of me, but then I found out that he’s a cool, nice guy who just happens to have knife tattoos. At least he’s a chef, and not a serial killer. LOL.
Tuesday night, one of my BFFs, Amy, came to town for dinner.

Isn’t she the cutest? She showed up in a surprise- she got a new car!

What a sweet ride. As we cruised to dinner, I had flashbacks to when she was 16 and I was 15, and she’d drive us to school together in her sweet Contour. 🙂 We went for sushi at Matsu Ya. Gosh, I love that place!

Our post-dinner plans included Belts, red wine, and a new-to-us episode of True Blood.

I started off today’s errands with a photo shoot over at Adventure 212.

I really DO feel like I live there! I was working with two adorable ladies today.


I got in a quick run and I was able to try out that new equipment. I like that new thing! It was different than anything else I’ve tried, and I felt like I got a good workout in on it. I’m looking forward to using it more! On my way out of the gym, I stopped in at Wally’s (amazing chiropractor) office to catch up with my coworker-turned-coffee-friend-turned-wedding-day-personal-attendant, Jessie. She’s his office assistant on Wednesdays. How cute is she?!

I stopped over at Walgreens on the way home to pick up my thyroid medication. I have to go every month- it would be much easier if I could get a 90-day prescription! Every time I go, I think about how I have to take those pills every day for the rest of my life or I’ll die. I looked in the mirror of my car visor at my scar and and thought about how good it looks. I took a picture, and you can hardly even see it. I’m so blessed that I had such a good surgeon who made my scar very small.

Luckily, I had an afternoon coffee date with my sole sisters Kim and Nancy.

We talked about Nancy’s race in Boston, and my race in Oshkosh, and plans for our future races. I am SO PROUD of Nancy’s strategy to run through the heat- she arrived healthy (though dehydrated) and smiling at the finish line, and many runners were not as “lucky.” One of the lessons that I’ve learned is that one shouldn’t underestimate the marathon. Though I get “better” and certainly more experienced every time, it is still a challenge, no matter how prepared I am. Nancy and Kim are so good at keeping my mind focused on the important things in my running life. It was nice to talk through my plans for the next four races (in seven weeks!) and solidify my pace goals. I was a little down after my placement in Oshkosh, though I gained new perspective since then. First of all, I discovered that my field actually contained 29 brave women. Ninth out of 29? I’ll take that. Second, I saw the amazing Gladys Knight on Jimmy Kimmel last night after she’d been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. She said something that really resonated with me.

“It wasn’t so much about getting the trophy. It was about standing up and saying, ‘we can live our dreams, if we just give it a shot.'”

You know, I’m living my dreams right now. And that’s pretty darn awesome, isn’t it? I have to remember to focus on the moment- on my own accomplishments- and not get hung up on competition with other folks.
When I got home from our coffee date, Brian and I ran outside to the park for a few “self-portraits.” It was way overdue, and our website needs some new photos of us, stat. The last time I met with a new client, she didn’t recognize me because our photos on the website are so old. That’s just ridiculous, isn’t it?! We’re in the photo business. How hard can a self-portrait be? Here’s the result from tonight’s shoot with minor editing…I left the bags under my eyes so everyone knows what a starving, exhausted artist I am, haha.




We did good. 😀
Good night, friends!

Miles this year: 216.3

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