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Fly Fishing School 2015 + CWERB Presentation

Hey, guys! I’m excited to share a few photos from our Fly Fishing School this year. My TU chapter, Frank Hornberg, hosts an annual fly fishing school, and we share our love for the sport and conservation.

We teach knot tying…

Frank Hornberg TU fly fishing school-2 Frank Hornberg TU fly fishing school-3 Frank Hornberg TU fly fishing school-4 Frank Hornberg TU fly fishing school-5

…and fly casting…

Frank Hornberg TU fly fishing school-6 Frank Hornberg TU fly fishing school-7

…we have hands-on reading the stream sessions…

Frank Hornberg TU fly fishing school-8 Frank Hornberg TU fly fishing school-9

…and last, but not least, we serve really delicious food.

Frank Hornberg TU fly fishing school-1

I wasn’t planning on wet wading during lunch, but when the fish are rising, well…

image4 (1)

My chapter president and I took out four of our students after the school was over. We swung by a pub for dinner, then headed out on our beloved Tomorrow River. I was so proud of the women that came out with me- they did a great job, and we had lots of laughs while doing it. 🙂

image5 (1) image6 (1) image7 (1) image8 (1)

Thanks, everyone! I hope you end up loving our streams as much as we do.

Shortly after the school, I ended up spending my meeting in a seemingly polar opposite way- at a meeting in a dark country club room, with a PowerPoint presentation. It was like the collision of my two worlds- I attended a CWERB (Central Wisconsin Economic Resource Bureau) presentation about entrepreneurship in America.

image1 (4) image2 (2)

I learned a lot of material- it was incredibly interesting! I’m thankful that I secured an invite. I wasn’t sure if I would know anyone there, but I ended up sitting next to our mayor, and he introduced me to several folks that I should know in the community. Those connections will come in handy with my newest project… more information to come!

I’ll leave you with a photo from my lilac bush after a little dew.


Thanks for reading, friends!

Up next? A memorial day up north and my launch into local politics.

Miles this year: 286.1

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Tulips + Stewardship + Lemongrass Noodle House

Hello, spring!


The first few warm days always seem to draw attention to the salt that is caked on to my car. It amazes me that cars can survive multiple winters and humid summers and sun beating down and layers of ice. I planned to get out to fish early season, but wanted to swing by the car wash first. Of course, every other person in Wisconsin had the same idea, so the lines were long. Luckily for me, I had my briefcase in the car, so I pulled out my laptop and spent my 45 minute wait writing my column for Wisconsin Trout. Before I knew it, I was enjoying the abstract art on my windshield. A short drive later, and I was out on the river. 

That’s my home water, the Tomorrow River. There’s something so special about going out for the first time after a long winter… I love watching the changes that happened while I was “gone.” I didn’t catch anything, but to be totally honest, I was mostly just checking things out. 🙂

That healing time on the water was good for my soul, and my next photo shoot was good for my tummy! I headed over to the new Thai restaurant in town, Lemon Grass Noodle House. They’re known for their egg rolls, but all the food was delicious. They were so sweet to me, and they packed up all the food after the shoot for me to take home for dinner. They even included a bottle of that orange-y drink… I think it’s called Thai tea. It was kind of like a spiced iced tea with milk and sugar.



   Thank you for your hospitality, Lemon Grass Noodle House! We’re happy to have you join the downtown businesses. 🙂

I burned off those extra calories by meeting Carmel up in Wausau and running up and back down Rib Mountain. With Wisconsin’s governor’s budget, stewardship funding is drastically cut. Being a lover of the outdoors, I take advantage of many benefits from stewardship, and the trail up the mountain is one of them. It breaks my heart to watch our governor attack so many things I care deeply about. I’ll post soon about the politically-motivated actions that I’ve taken this spring. 

Thanks for the miles and smiles, Carmel! Running that path makes me feel like a badass. 🙂


Up next? Baby K, my 16 miler, a going away party, and St. Patrick’s day shenanigans in Chicago.

Miles this year: 161.35

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