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My Favorite Holiday Weekend

I love kicking off my favorite holiday weekend with the Heart and Sole Race, in Pittsville, WI. It’s always on July 3rd, so sometimes it’s crazy hot! It’s an evening race, which sometimes helps, but it’s a fabulous five mile race that raises money for their little local fire department. What a great cause!

There are a couple things that I can count on in this race, and this Blues Brothers guy is one of them!


This course is an out-and-back with four water stations, and they’re all needed since it’s usually so warm. I stop every time! I run this race with my friend, George, and we chat almost the whole time. We both see runners that we know from other races, so it’s nice to wave at our friends when we run by! That’s one of my favorite parts about out-and-back courses… I get a chance to see everyone who hit the turnaround before I did on their way back, and then I get to cheer on everyone behind me once I turn around! 🙂

The finish line for this race is just adorable. So festive!


I obviously took that photo before the race- when we came through the chute, there were lots of other people with us! I really love small town races. 🙂

I enjoyed some incredible watermelon post race…


…and granola. Oh, gosh, the granola.


It’s homemade, and I have dreams about it the rest of the year. It’s sooo delicious, and I love munching on that once I finish the race! 🙂


Many thanks to this lady, who obviously is responsible for cooking pans and pans and pans of the good stuff!

George and I came in at a strong 47:24, and refueled with cold beer. 🙂


I came home, soaked in a tub, and hung out with Brian on our newly finished back deck. We live close enough to Riverfront Rendezvous that we could hear Here Come The Mummies as they played, and I relaxed with a glass of lemonade and enjoyed them from the comfort of my own home. 🙂

On Saturday morning, we prepped for a cookout later, and I got ready for our Stevens Point Fourth of July parade. I love parades, and the Fourth of July, and everything patriotic. This is my favorite day!

The common council and the mayor all got together and walked in the parade. It was a lot of fun!



heidi parade-1


This is me with “the Marys…” Alderperson Mary Kneebone and Alderperson Mary McComb. 🙂



Our other friend Mary was driving the truck with the City Band float. Way to go, girl!


After the parade, I dropped off cookies for our police department and fire department (THANK YOU for working holidays and keeping us safe!), then met Chris and Amy at our house for some lake time!




We had some perfect weather- hot and sunny with a cold, clear lake to jump in. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to our house for our annual cookout. Of course, I completely forgot to take photos of our friends and all the delicious food, but we had a gaggle over for burgers, brats, sweet corn, and all sorts of traditional grilling foods!

For dessert, we featured my tenth annual flag cake!

heidi cake-1

I can’t believe I’ve been making this cake for ten years! I used to choose white cake, but now I make angel food cake with fresh whipped cream for frosting. Delicious!

Once it got a little darker, we played with some sparklers. My friends are the cutest!

sparklers-1 sparklers-2 sparklers-3 sparklers-4

We finished our night with s’mores by the fire, and Amy and Chris stayed for a sleepover!

We woke them up with coffee, egg sandwiches, and quite impressive Bloody Marys.


Breakfast on the front porch with friends is really the best way to start my day, especially since our post-brunching activity was a walk to the new winery. Brian and I were lucky enough to attend their soft opening the week prior, so we were excited to show off this new facility!


We strolled through the parks on the way home, stopping to look at the emergency vehicle display.

image1 (1)

Abbie was thrilled with all our visitors and all the time playing outside, but she was really happy to cool off inside for the afternoon. 🙂

image2 (1)

Stevens Point hosts fireworks on Sunday, so Brian and I headed over to the park with our kayaks and watched both our friends in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades play at the park AND the fireworks from our little place on the water.

image3 (1) image4 (1)

Don’t worry, friends: we are experienced kayakers and had both bow and stern lights, as well as headlamps. I get concerned about the other kayakers out on the water- there is a lot of boat traffic out for the fireworks and I’ve seen less experienced kayakers struggle in the wake. Lights are very important, too!

We packed up the boats, drove the three blocks home, and collapsed in bed.

Fourth of July weekend? Complete, and a total success. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading!!

Miles this year: 308.55

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From Robyn and Rodney to Kari and Davin, and everything in-between.

Hi, friends:
I’m back and boy, am I in business! I’ll start with last weekend’s beautiful wedding of our Chicago couple, Robyn and Rodney.


Robyn wore incredible purple shoes!

They had their flowers done by Inspired by Nature, LLC, and Fawn did a beautiful job.

Rodney was overcome at the sight of his beautiful bride. 🙂



We stopped at her parents’ home for some photos…


…then headed to downtown Wausau!



Their reception was at the Wausau Country Club, and the scenery was beautiful.




I’ve known Robyn since junior high school- we graduated together. A few of the girls from the class of 2003 were there!



Thanks for including us in your day, R & R. You two had a beautiful wedding and a fabulous party!
We wore ourselves out at the wedding, but turned right around on Sunday and headed to the Fremont area for the Oberstadt Family Reunion, complete with plant checkers…

…picnic tables (and good food!)…

…and official business. Think “does everyone approve the minutes” kind of official.

I officially took over as next year’s president. I have to plan the whole shindig! The ceremonious passing of the binder:


No Oberstadt party would be complete without farm cats!


I miss my I-subscribe-to-Cat-Fancy-and-volunteer-at-cat-show days.
I started off the week with a bunch of flowering chives in the garden. I put them in a jar with white vinegar, and it turned into delicious chive vinegar.



I went for my first real post-marathon run. A hot little 3.25er around my neighborhood. I noticed they’re doing a lot of work on the old Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia “house” next to the co-op. We had a lot of good times at a particular toga party in that house! There used to be a marimba on the second floor 🙂

No aches + no pains = happy Heidi!

I spent a lot of time painting and cleaning this week. I love that we’re in the stages of home remodeling where I can have fun! I fixed up the old mirror that came with the house.


We also got the kitchen all painted and trim installed. Almost all of it, anyway. Yay!

I picked a bunch of black raspberries and made cookies for small group, too. It was so hot, but I turned on the oven anyway.

I rehearsed with Dale (hello, empty ballroom!)…

…made a lot of salads and iced tea…

…went on a pretty long bike ride (Kimmy, I was thinking about you a bunch!!)…

…baked fresh black raspberry tarts…

…and painted my fingernails for the fourth of July.

My inlaws, Greg and Jayne, came in to town on Friday to celebrate a late Father’s Day. I made a delicious dinner and served those tarts. We went down to Riverfront Rendezvous to hear Here Come the Mummies. I had a ton of fun! 🙂
I finished that week of fun just in time to prep for Kari and Davin’s Waupaca wedding. We met these two in college, and they are an absolutely perfect couple.



They had a little problem with the aisle runner, but that happens all the time! It got a good laugh out of everyone.


The bride and groom are both musicians, and they had lots of musical friends and family there to help with the ceremony!



It was a beautiful church on a beautiful day with a hot getaway car!


Their reception was at Smiley’s in Plover. What a beautiful floral backdrop for these outdoor photos!

Their cake was so good that I ate two pieces. 😀

Congratulations, Kari and Davin! 🙂 We’re truly happy for you and wish you a lifetime of love.

We spent Sunday at the lake for our annual 4th of July celebration, it was just a few days early.

Mission lake is our spot, and I was accompanied by these two bathing beauties.


The key to a good lake trip lies in what’s packed in the car. A cooler, fun noodles, and lawn chairs? Perfect.

After a long day of swimming, reading, swimming, napping, swimming, and laying around, we headed up to my mom’s house for dinner.

I love seeing family and friends, and I really love spending time with my Grammy and Grampie. Grampie loves ribs, and so does his twin, Sam (the Newfie).

They’re like two peas in a pod. I skipped the ribs but had all sorts of delicious stuff! My mom made a green salad and my favorite fruit salad.

I made my seventh annual flag cake…

…but it turned into upside down cake on my plate. Whoops.

Have I mentioned that I adore my Grampie? He wins the award for most precious person ever. <;;3

We raced home from dinner to hop in our yaks- I love watching fireworks from the water. I apologize in advance for how poorly this photo represents the experience, but I love fireworks too much to tinker with the camera at a time like this:

I started my day with cracking open my last bag of coffee. I haven’t had to buy coffee in six years! I guess I do miss Starbucks. This is the good stuff!

It’s so hot in our home today that I have been tempering my photo work with bike rides to clear my head and get some air.

See you later, friends…


Miles this year: 364.25

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