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Fish, beer, and friends.

I had a wonderful evening of surprises last night. 🙂
I had my monthly Trout Unlimited board meeting for our Frank Hornberg chapter last night. It was the official unveiling of all my handiwork… www.hornberg-tu.org
The board seemed really happy with it, and I’m waiting to hear back about my first round of revisions 🙂
I usually have rehearsal with Dale, my dance partner, on Thursday nights, but he had a headache, so I thought I’d go over to Smileys to dance with my CWN friends (and dance students!). Turns out, there was some kind of banquet over there, and no dancing, so I decided to stop over at my favorite Plover brewery, O’so brewery. I walked in the door to find two friends of mine- Mary and Tom. It was the perfect little surprise! Brian was at his union meeting then heading right to work for the night shift, so I would have been sitting alone… And drinking good beer with good friends served by good people was the perfect antidote for the last of my under-the-weather tendencies.

Miles this year: 26.5

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