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My new BFF, Aurora…

A couple months ago, my friend Chad (a meteorologist) gave me a heads-up that the northern lights would be visible here. It was a cool night, and I wasn’t exactly sure I wanted to leave the comfort of my home, but I’m so glad I did. In fact, Brian and I went out to look, and I didn’t take my camera. I was going to try and take it in with the lenses of my eyes, not of my gear…
…but alas, I returned home, left Brian to his saxophone, and headed out, tripod in hand.
I wanted to go to the interstate. I had this vision… Something like “Northern Lights meets Southbound Lights.”
I only got in a little trouble.
What a kind officer- he saw me standing on the bridge and was worried about me 🙂 I reassured him… I’m fine!
I actually did have a cold, but one visit to Lor’s for a shoot of their delicious Vietnamese food, and I felt healed by the tea and the spices.
A week later, and I was over in the thriving metropolis of Waupaca, WI. Little Fat Gretchen’s is an adorable little cafe, specializing in pies and really, all things delicious.
Yes, I definitely ate this roasted beet panini.
I’d highly recommend stopping in for a visit! Seriously, though… have you ever been to a place with an “Eat” sign that wasn’t delicious? I didn’t think so. 😀
It was the peak of fall colors, so I was squeezing in family photos left and right! Here’s a few of my faves from the Meachen extended family’s shoot. The grandpa is a fly fisherman… as if I could love this sweet family any more than I already do.
Grandpas are precious. Here’s a phone photo of me with mine. I love this man.

That’s all for now, friends. Catch you later…

Miles this year: ask me later. 😦

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