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C’est Français, Monsieur!

Brian is hilarious. Yesterday, we were in a discussion about tulle. Well- I was in a discussion, haha. I was blabbering on about ball dresses, and Brian was half listening. 😀 I asked Brian to spell tulle, and he said, “T-H-U-L-E.” I giggled, and told him Thule was was rack system. He asked for the language of origin, and I said, “C’est Français, Monsieur.” Brian’s response? “Français, Monsieur.” hahaha. Get it? C’est sounds like “say.” 😀
In other news, I had more food photo shoots this week. Steak, anyone? Yummmmm.


Brian and I started Operation: Clean Up Backyard. We’re moving our shed to the back corner of our property, and putting in a little patio area where the shed is now. I’m so excited! We started by cleaning out the back corner- it was full of years of leaves, old Christmas trees, and brush. There was also some garbage from the previous owners, a few stray shingles from last year’s windstorm, and a bunch of random lava rocks. I did a lot of the raking as Brian dug out about 10 trees that had planted themselves a few years ago. I transplanted a bunch of day lilies to our big flower bed, too. After four trips to the yard waste drop off site, we had a clean slate to work with. We started raking the ground to be level, and put in four pavers to support the corners of the shed. We’re hoping to move the shed tomorrow, with the help of some of our guy friends.




I had a great long run today. I woke up to Brian brewing me a pot of coffee, and he stopped at the store on the way home to pick up two kinds of Jolly Ranchers!


It was raining when I woke up, so I delayed my run a little bit so I could start out with dry feet. I fueled with chomps, Swedish Fish, and Jolly Ranchers today. My friends over at Starbucks filled up my water for me at mile 9. There’s nothing as crazy as walking into a coffeeshop all sweaty just to get water. 🙂 Special thanks to those guys! I was feeling a little on the slow side, but that’s the point of a LSD. I turned around out in Crossroads Commons- halfway through, I was in good spirits!


There are just two sizable hills on my route today- the hill on 10 by Iverson and the hill on Brilowski over the train tracks.


It was indeed, a LSD, but I feel good, still energetic, and not completely wasted. I’ll take it! 🙂


Miles this year: 138

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Hello, UP!

What a whirlwind week over here.
One of my favorite “guilty pleasure” running bloggers, Skinny Runner, posted my story about Rachael. I wrote up a little thing about how running can help overcome hard times and depression, and SR thought it was a worthy thing to share with her readers. As a result, I ended up with 1,400 extra readers on my blog this week. Hello, visitors! 😀
I had a super fun long run with Kim on Thursday.

She joined me for the first nine, and I finished up with five more. The run ended up being pretty quick for me on such a windy day! I had windburnt cheeks after that run. 😦

Brian and I got up early this morning and headed up to Marquette, MI for the UP Builders Show. We’re running the booth for our good friends, Kristi and Jon at The Almond Tree.
It was a loooooooong drive in the car.


Hey! Welcome to Michigan!!!

The UP is really beautiful this time of year! I loved all the snow on the trees, looking at all the drifts, and the HUGE rocks.

Off I go… The “builders” will be arriving soon, and I hope they’re hungry! 😀

Miles this year: 100.5

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