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Fall is here! (Part II)

Two weeks= two posts. I have too much to share to fit it all in one! If you know anything about me, you know I’ve never been short on words. 😉
Back to Wednesday- our small group met and finished up discussion on the last chapters of Mere Christianity.

Next week, we’re starting Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “The Cost of Discipleship.”
Thursday included a photo shoot with the writers of “Table Talk,” and they were a TON of fun!


As soon as I finished up that photo shoot, Brian and I headed up to Wausau for a Lia Sophia party at Amy’s house. On the way, we stopped at my mom’s house to bring her a bouquet of roses. She’s the best… She’s back in school, and I know that there are inherent challenges in that. Keep up the good work, Mom!
Amy is becoming a Lia Sophia advisor, so I will have a hook up for my favorite every-day jewelry! I bought a few things, including some gifts. I have already purchased so many Christmas gifts… I’m getting quite the head start this year! Brian and I stuck around to watch the rest of the Packer/Bear game with the Snyders… the Pack pulled off a win! Whoop whoop.
I woke up on Friday, planning to accomplish two big things- finishing up editing our Iowa wedding (Brian and Lisa) and running my 18 miler. Within an hour of waking up, I’d sneezed 13 times! Darn allergies. The treadmill has been my friend the last couple weeks, as I’m trying to log my miles and still stay sneeze-free. Abbie was starved for attention during breakfast, as always…

I digested and enjoyed some coffee while editing, then headed off to the gym around 11 for the run. One of the benefits of doing my long runs indoors on a treadmill is that I don’t have to carry my own fuel with me- I can leave my candy and water on the mill. This run was fueled by Skittles and Jolly Ranchers, with fruit punch Powerade and water. I felt hot the majority of the run, I was sweating a lot.

The run was relatively uneventful, with a 10:30 average pace, so I was pleased. I did experience a totally new phenomenon- when I was finished, I was stretching, and noticed that there were actual salt granules on a my shins. I’ve run a lot of races in varying weather, and I’ve often emerged with a white salt streak on my face… But never full fledged granules! Can you see the granules on my finger?

Nasty. And awesome. As Nancy and Kim always said… “Running isn’t about pretty.”
I came home, took an ice bath, and finished up editing those photos, just in time for date night! Brian and I headed over to Point After, a local place with great food! I haven’t had a real burger in over a year, and I was craving one. I ordered their olive burger- a beef patty topped with both black and green and olives and Swiss cheese. Amazing. I was going to take a photo, but the burger disappeared quickly. I was craving salt! 🙂 I did manage to take a photo of my hot date…

After dinner, we took a short (but loud!) walk to the Schobert’s house. We gave them our old lawn mower, so we pushed it the five blocks to their house. Those little lawn mower wheels made a lot of noise going down the bumpy pavement. 🙂 I was so wiped out from the busy day that it was hard to prep my equipment for Saturday’s wedding- but it was a local Stevens Point wedding, so we lucked out! 🙂
Andy and Christina had a gorgeous wedding at SentryWorld golf course. The day was beautiful, a little cooler (yay, fall!), and the sun was shining. Direct sun is a challenge for a photographer, but we worked it out. Take a peek!













I hand picked that leaf out of a bunch of leaves while Brian was shooting the receiving line. I love that image!



Their first date was at Belts… He proposed there, too! We thought we should continue the tradition. 🙂










Congratulations, Andy and Christina! Thanks for including us in your big day 🙂
Dale and I started our fall series of dance lessons last night. I missed all the CWN folks! We started intermediate tango and beginner waltz. It was wonderful to see everyone again! I’m looking forward to the next 9 weeks of lessons. 🙂
I’ve been in such a fall mood that I made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and a pumpkin smoothie for dinner. Pumpkin smoothie. It ended up like pumpkin pie in a glass, but much healthier. 🙂
My birthday is tomorrow, and Brian surprised me by getting me a private lesson on a pottery wheel. I brought him along, and we both made two bowls! It was so much fun!

I can’t wait to go back and glaze them.
I’m back in the office today, catching up on paperwork. I love these cool fall mornings!

Miles this year: 488.5

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