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A fever, a mullet, and a postcard from Florida.

What’s up, guys? I had a great day yesterday.
I started my morning with another photo shoot over at Adventure 212. A combination of fitness shots, the daycare area, and of course, more food!







I love my photo shoots over there. I end up with breakfast (the yogurt parfait), lunch (the chicken wrap), and coffee! 🙂

I ran home to backup my photos and do some quick editing before heading over to Mattias’ house for a photo shoot with the cutest 16-month old ever.





Don’t you agree? He was so cute and such a little character. Mattias’ uncle is my friend, Danny Mitchell, so he was there and we got to catch up a little bit. 😀

After that photo shoot, I stopped over at Point Embroidery. I love those guys! Craig and Rick are a lot of fun, and I love supporting them with my business. I was double checking on our t-shirts for “Running for Rachael”… As word has spread about our cause, the Fox station in Madison heard about us. They are going to run a story about it, and want to interview us! I wanted to see if we could get our shirts in time for the interview. Luckily, they’ll be ready 🙂

Speaking of Running for Rachael… Here is my site. I hate asking for money, even for a good cause- but if you would donate a few dollars to help our cause, I would greatly appreciate it. Seriously. <;3 you all.

A great run (and awesome stretch session!) later, and I came home to make dinner for my mullet-sporting husband.


I really need to give that guy a haircut. Anywho, after dinner, I just wanted to lay around. That cold that I’ve been fighting reared its ugly head! I grabbed the thermometer to check my temp… 97.7. WTF? Of course, I was convinced that my thermometer must be broken, because I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. So I had Brian take his temperature… 95.9! Clearly, if my math skills are correct, that gave me a temp of 100+. No wonder.


Despite my shirt, I was no laughologist last night. In fact, when a big gust of wind blew open the back door, I screamed and burst into spontaneous tears. I know, a big, sick, crying, whiny Heidi is the best. Wish you were here! 😦

When I woke up this morning, the mailman had a wonderful surprise for me from a Starbucks regular- Frank! He heads south for the winter, and sent me a postcard.


I miss the coffee, but it’s my customers that I miss the most. <;;3

Miles this year: 150

PS: RIP Suunto Lumi strap. Again. I don't know if i can replace you for a fourth time. It’s time to look for a new watch, no pun intended. Grr.


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