Nuts, Lake Superior, driving, and sleeping.

We’ve had a very fun rest of our weekend. The UP Builders Show was VERY busy on Saturday. I’m pretty sure that we were the busiest booth there!


After the show, we stopped in at a local hot spot, Blackrocks Brewery. They had several (creatively-named!) beers on tap, and all the locals were drinking out of these awesome clay mugs. After an hour there, we headed over to BWW for dinner. It was right across from our hotel, so we could walk back. I had almost forgotten that we were in Michigan until I realized that they had Bell’s beer on tap. Well, hello, Two-Hearted! 😀

Even with losing an hour to the daylight savings time change, we got up early and headed to the lake so I could run a few miles on the shore. Lake Superior is beautiful! As I looked out on the water, I half-expected to see the white dotted line that separates US waters from Canadian waters. 🙂

The show was held at the Superior Dome, which looks awesome, and the UP residents are very proud of it. They informed me that it is the largest wooden dome in the world!

We had a great time up in the UP. It was our first trip up there, and everyone was so friendly! It turns out that there are a TON of Packer and Brewer fans up there. The Packers even had an event at the dome on their Championship tour.
Before we left on Friday morning, I noticed that my beloved Suunto had a blank screen. We picked up a new battery on Friday night, and I was praying that the battery was the problem, and nothing else! The Suunto Lumi is an awesome watch, and I love it, but the band breaks all the time. I’ve had to replace it twice, and I didn’t want to have to replace the whole watch. During the drive to MI, I began to wonder if my watch just gave up under the pressure of both the change of time zones and the change of daylight savings. :-/ Luckily, it was just the battery!

We got home late last night night, and I was so happy to be in my own bed. I slept 15 hours and woke up this afternoon! I’ve been sleeping a lot, so I’m going to mention that at my next thyroid appointment. I worked our home into shape and Brian and I grilled out for the first time this year! Chicken for him, Boca burger on a salad for me. 🙂

Miles this year: 104

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