Spring has arrived!

The weather has been unseasonal. Awesome, but incredibly unusual. I went running outside today and heard lots of birds, crunched on lots of sand, and didn’t see any snow. I wore a skirt and a tank top. It’s 55 degrees outside! I’m a happy camper.

I’m working on a daily schedule for myself, now that I’ll be able to devote more time to Photographic Memories, LLC by The Oberstadts. It’s going to be a great learning process as I work to balance photos, the business side of photos, and training. I’ll post more about leaving Starbucks later. Anyway, I finished up two sets of engagement photos this morning, and found this little gem.

I crawled up in that doorway to scope out the space for Bobbi and Kenny’s engagement photos. It ended up being a really neat spot!
I dug out my rake and started lightly raking my yard and picking up sticks. With this weather, we’ll need to have an Oberstadt bonfire soon! Spring fever is hitting hard… Cleaning, decorating, landscaping. Woo hoo!

Miles this year: 110.5

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