Cramming like I did in college…

This week is full of cramming. Since we’re “lucky” enough that none of our clients are getting married on labor day weekend, we get to have the weekend off. As a result, I’m trying to cram in as much photo work as I can this week, so I can actually relax this weekend.
I started the week by meeting with Nicole and Mike, and they booked us for their 2013 wedding. I can’t wait to do their engagement portraits! I also met with Ashlee and her mom to go over album options. I’ve finally settled on a photo guest book company, and I’m very pleased to be able to offer those to our clients. 🙂 Hey- 2012 brides… let me know if you’re interested!
I headed up to Wausau on Tuesday to shoot some senior portraits of John. John is a DCE student and has a great (but elusive) smile 🙂






After we wrapped up that shoot, Brian and I headed over to my mom’s house for some Chinese takeout and a visit with my grandparents.

I made some amazing yogurt Popsicles this week: strawberries, grapes, and plain Greek yogurt. Delicious!

Since our Misty dog is getting up there in age, it has been on my mind to do a photo shoot with her. Brian and I picked up a few backdrop samples (that we intend to use for pet portraits), and it was the perfect “excuse” to work with my own puppies. I can’t believe Misty is 13. Getting old is tough!
I was the volunteer light tester. This is my best Abbie face.

Here’s our beautiful lab, in all her awesomeness…



…and here’s Abbie.




I love our pups. That photo shoot was a welcome distraction from the photo editing that has been bogging me down. I think I was wrong when I turned down those interns this spring…

Miles this year: 437.45

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