Summer randoms…

Technology is amazing. I had a call with one of my co-workers, Jeff, where I shared my computer screen with him and he shared his with me, so we could show each other what we’ve been working on and I could explain my latest project. So cool. Having coworkers thousands of miles away is made possible by these awesome technological advances.
I was so happy to be back at home and in my office. With the air conditioning off, it was about 80 humid degrees up there, and the orchid on my desk was loving it.

Abbie and I took advantage of the humid late-summer weather with lots of running along the river.

The city is trying some new techniques to keep the geese off the grass in the park…

They fooled Abbie at first- a big 2D dog is scary when you’re a little Jack Russell! She got over it quickly, though, and we continued. I love that little runner dog.

Sometimes, I just cannot believe how that little 21 pound furball stole my heart so quickly.

As you may know, we love live music, and we have a lot of it here, being a college town. We made a weeknight trip out to Great Northern Distilling to hear some jazz. 🙂




Our beautiful friend, Mary sat in and sang a tune, even though she was almost ready to have baby Lily. Too cute.
I’ll leave you with a fun shot from my Ice Bucket Challenge.

Thanks for reading, friends.

Miles this year: 429.85

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