Noah’s Ark: Happy Birthday, Andy!

Happy 30th birthday, Andy!


Amanda, Andy, Brian and I spent the day celebrating at Noah’s Ark. It was amazing. Of course, I didn’t bring a camera, nor my phone, so I have no documentation, but I screamed so loud while riding Scorpion’s Tail that my throat hurts. 🙂
Brian and I went to Moosejaw for dinner…


…then walked around downtown. I got some cinnamon bears (my favorite!), and we got Abbie some delicious kind of puppy treat. I hurried home to give it to her.

So cute. I’d lick my lips, too, if someone gave me a treat the length of my torso. 🙂
Random, but awesome… In my ten years of living in Stevens Point and loving Green Tea, I never noticed the languages on the receipt.

I ran some errands on my bike, bought some flowers at the farmer’s market, then ran some more.



Carmel is back! 🙂 Wyoming was amazing, but we’re all happy she’s back.
I celebrated Katrina’s birthday with more Great Northern Distilling and some friends in the conservation politics world, like Jen. It was awesome to see her! I always learn a lot when I talk with my friends who work for League of Conservation Voters.
Cute photo of the post, brought to you by Annie’s mac and cheese. Photobomb courtesy of Abbie.

Next post topic? Here’s a hint…


Miles this year: 434.1

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