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20 miles + sole sisters + adventures in canvassing

I can’t get enough of my little mountain. Rib Mountain is still a challenge! We park at the bottom, then run up, around some trails, and back down. Thanks for the miles, Carmel!  

 It was the first run with bare shoulders of the year. Liberation!

When I got home, I took a peek at the bottoms of my shoes, and even though I’m not at my typical 500 mile retirement, it is time. Shoes don’t wear themselves down. My sidepiece tattoo reads, “Turn dreams into reality,” and that’s what I’m doing. It’s intentional, not accidental. I had two new pairs of shoes waiting for me, just itching for the right moment to make their debut.Someone else in our home got some new duds… Abbie is a lucky girl- she got all new bling and a new collar. She lost all the tags she had when the ring stretched out, so I ran by the vet to get a new rabies tag, and the courthouse to get a new license tag, and I ordered her a new ID tag. For the record, we ordered from Boomerang Tags, and they’re awesome! Lots of choices, great prices, and fast, free shipping. I tried out my new shoes with these three runners…  

  We had a great hilly trail run together!For my twenty miler, these girls teamed up to run with me. Lydia took the first ten miles, and Carmel took the second ten. Lydia and I ran through town, and through the reserve, and looped over toward Sentry. We ran up their big ramp… …until their security guard came out and asked us to walk instead, for our safety. I’d never run up there, so it was funny that we got in trouble right away!

We stopped home after seven miles for fuel, water, to warm up, and to put on some gloves. It was SO cold and windy that our hands kind of froze into claw hands. We struggled to unwrap the Starburst at home! Ridiculous. The gloves helped, and we finished off the first half. Carmel was waiting for us, and they had a ceremonial changing of the guard. 🙂 I looked pretty curly good for halfway!  Carmel and I looped through a different part of the reserve……and it was every bit as cold as it looks! I love these boardwalks, though 🙂It was a great run, even though it was cold. It kind of felt like I never really warmed up and found my groove, but my girls kept me going by talking nonstop through the run. It is so much easier to run with the support of my sole sisters! 

As soon as I got home, I chugged a glass of water, grabbed my keys, and went to Starbucks for coffee. Next stop? Belts. Of course. Gosh, I so love sprinkles.

I ate my ice cream in a mustard bath, then grabbed my laptop and materials out of my office. The only thing that could make my day better than working from the couch with a cozy blanket was a visit from my best friend, Amy. I ordered her wedding invitations, and they’d come in. She drove down to pick them up, and surprised me with a cupcake! Doesn’t this just make your day?It sure made mine. Love you, girl!

So, that long run and visit was my Friday, and I spent Saturday canvassing for my friend, Mary. She ran for alderman in district 7, and I’m proud to announce that she won! It was the first time I’d ever knocked on doors for someone in an election. I was totally surprised at how many people don’t vote, don’t want to vote, don’t care about politics on any level, and, perhaps most surprising, how many people have no shame in telling me such. Luckily, most of the people we spoke with were interested in what is going on and were very receptive to Mary’s ideas. Well, I suppose that’s obvious since she’s the new alderman! 🙂  

Way to go, Mary!! 

Up next? Easter, and a week on the road. Thanks for sticking with me on my adventures!

Miles this year: 208.45

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Forgotten Frostbite “race” recap, promo photos, and my Mizuno problem.

Hey, friends!
I completely forgot to post a recap of our race from two weekends ago. Brian and I signed up for the local YMCA’s five mile Frostbite run on December 1st. This was Brian’s longest race so far

For a variety of reasons (including last year, shooting the beautiful, snowy New York wedding of Devon and Christy), I haven’t run this race before. It was like a who’s who of running in Stevens Point and Plover. 🙂 I literally saw all my local running friends- from my sole sisters…

…to the local fast guys from Wednesday night’s group, to my favorite beer bottle (George!).

We walked and ran the mile to the start as a warm-up. It was pretty chilly, but I wasn’t sure what the parking situation would be like, and it sounded like a good idea at the time.
The first mile was slow and casual, with a 10:30ish split. I was basically along to cheer for Brian and make sure he had a great time. We weren’t out to run our fastest race, but we wanted to enjoy ourselves. I tried to keep up the conversation, which included a few racing tips that I’ve picked up along the way. It was fun to share my knowledge! With each mile, we picked up the pace, and we finished strong… crossing the finish in 48:46 and 48:48. I cheered Brian on to a finish ahead of me. I was beaming with pride at my runner husband!


After the race, we ran over to Emy J’s for a delicious (and warm!) lunch, then walked/ran home. It brought our daily total to just over 7 miles, which was a new record for B. I was hoping that he wouldn’t be sore afterward, so we stretched a lot, and he was just fine.
We had just enough time to shower before heading out to Appleton to meet with another beautiful couple. We now have one more wedding on the books for 2014! It’s truly amazing how fast our schedule books up. We’re blessed!
Brian helped me put together a running wall in our bedroom. He built me the medal rack and shelf a while ago, but it was all alone on the wall, and it certainly wasn’t inspirational! I surrounded it with photos of races, running friends, and people involved with Running for Rachael.

Doesn’t it look great? Speaking of looking great, I had the opportunity to do some promo shots for my friend, Danny. He was in town to play a concert with the symphony, and asked me to do some new photos for him. We ran together once, and I embarrassed myself by going so slowly and trying not to throw up my chia seeds. Yeah. Anyway, he has since forgiven my running sins, and we spent an hour laughing together and playing outside.



What a talented stud. Seriously. If you want his music to melt your heart and blow your mind, you can find his stuff here.
On to my Mizuno problem…
I’ve worn men’s running shoes since I started wearing running shoes. In fact, I went to a running store with my friend, Bill, was fitted for Wave Alchemys, and I’ve never turned back. I’ve had those shoes in red, yellow, orange, and every combination of those three. I have them in outdoor and indoor pairs at any given time, and I’ve never even looked at another pair… Until I saw the women’s Wave Alchemys. I never realized I could wear shoes that were pink, or teal, or silver, or ::gasp:: purple!! I picked out a pair that fit, and wore them diligently for 250 miles. Until my body started hurting, and I noticed that they are completely worn down.


After only 250 miles! I was super bummed. I wrote the company, providing photos of these shoes, and of my last pair of men’s shoes (which were retired at 500 miles and didn’t look nearly as bad as those darn pink ones!). I was hoping they would just say that I got a defective pair, and I could still wear cute shoes made for women. I know I have huge feet, size 10 wide… so I tried to be thankful for all the wonderful things that I can do with my big feet, while I waited anxiously by the computer for their response. The official running shoe experts said that because of my wide feet, I need to use the men’s shoes to ensure that there is a wide enough base to support my supination problem. So, now what? I guess I have to go back to men’s shoes. The other option is to go shoe shopping from scratch, and find a new company or new style. I do love those men’s shoes, but these shoes are to expensive to mess around with, and my health, a.k.a. staying injury-free, is even more important.
Any thoughts from my seasoned runner friends?
I’ll leave you with a photo that pretty much sums up my life lately…

Lots of office time, photo editing, and phone conversations with clients. I love my job!

Miles this year: 642.5

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Taper week has begun…

I can’t believe Madison Marathon is coming up so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I set my spring and summer race schedule!
The race looks deliciously hot.

I really hope they don’t cancel the race, or worse- close it once it’s already started. Last weekend’s Green Bay Marathon was closed due to the heat. What gives, Wisconsin! We are known for our temperamental weather, I guess… but I’m prepared for the heat. If there’s one thing that I consider myself as a runner, it’s a prepared marathoner. The experience helps. I just need to remember that this isn’t really a marathon, it’s my last long run before Grandma’s marathon- my hand-picked race of the season. I can’t burn myself out in Madison, or I won’t recover in time for Grandma’s. I’ve got my eye on the long distance prize. ::toast my mojito::

Here’s to going slow in Madison…
Brian and I have had a busy week so far. I always have photo stuff going on, of course, but we’ve been working on more house projects. Brian installed a new outlet in the kitchen to accommodate my many kitchen appliances. 🙂

There it is, strategically placed between my Kitchenaid mixer and my food processor.
I went with Justin on my last run of any real distance before Sunday. A nice, easy, seven miler today. It was beautiful weather for a little scamper through Schmeekle Reserve on the Green Circle.

Thanks, Justin! You’re a great running partner. I also discovered that we are, quite literally, shoe twins!

That’s matching pairs of red Mizuno Wave Alchemys. I even wear men’s shoes- they’re the same! 🙂
Brian and I stopped for lunch at the Subway on Division. I absolutely love the sub ladies there. Jennifer, Kim, and Sara… Those women make my day. They call me “Mrs. Happy” when I walk in there. PLUS- they make a delicious sandwich! They even remember my favorite order. 🙂

We went to a doctor appointment for Brian, then headed over to Lee Ayers to pick up my new watch band.

Slick, huh?
We also had the chance to send in my broken fly rod to be repaired/replaced. Extra thanks to my TU guys for giving me a rod with a lifetime warranty! 🙂

::cries:: My rod is beautiful. I can’t wait to have it back.
I spent a lot of time working outside tonight. I mowed the lawn and weeded another section of the garden, along with planting a few tomatoes, an eggplant, and a kohlrabi. Brian has been hard at work on building me Bunny Fence 2.0. That’s the frame for my door!

I’ve been hard at work getting my feet dirty in the garden.

I’m off to go hold some of the frames for Brian and help with the assembly. Have a good night, friends!

Miles this year: 289

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