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Recovery week means new tally marks!

I hated to break up the romance between the two sea yaks, but it was time. They’re going to attempt a long-distance relationship from Bill’s garage to our shed. Goodbye, Margarita.

I got my fourth and fifth tally marks this week, for Madison Marathon and Grandma’s Marathon.

I swear, inner foot tattoos hurt more than marathons themselves.

I’ve been on an avocado kick this week- I’ve gone through an avocado a day. We’ve been eating lots of Mexican salads.

It’s been so warm this week! Our little window air conditioner can hardly keep up. The real measure of how warm it is in our home is the state of my coconut oil. This week, it’s been mostly melted.

Welcome to my temporary office.

I’m staying on the first floor to escape the heat. I’ve had a few photo shoots this week but mostly I’ve been stuck inside doing administrative work. Oh, the joys of owning my own business! 😀 I’m really, truly blessed. I’m not complaining. In fact, here are a few photos from a shoot I did for a fishing guide service here in town. I love fishing-related photo shoots.


Yeah, this was my “office” view last night. I have nothing to complain about.

The official start of summer was this week. I did a few sun salutations with my sore body in honor of the occasion. I also picked my first basil leaves for the year.

Having my own garden is really wonderful. Special thanks to my Grammy, Grampie, and Mom for passing on the green thumb. I made delicious salads for dinner with ingredients fresh from the garden. Well, the Boca burgers are fresh from the freezer… 🙂

I’m off to finish getting ready for our wedding tomorrow- the lovely Robyn and Rodney.


I can’t wait for tomorrow! It will be a beautiful wedding, I just know it.

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Taper week has begun…

I can’t believe Madison Marathon is coming up so quickly. It seems like just yesterday that I set my spring and summer race schedule!
The race looks deliciously hot.

I really hope they don’t cancel the race, or worse- close it once it’s already started. Last weekend’s Green Bay Marathon was closed due to the heat. What gives, Wisconsin! We are known for our temperamental weather, I guess… but I’m prepared for the heat. If there’s one thing that I consider myself as a runner, it’s a prepared marathoner. The experience helps. I just need to remember that this isn’t really a marathon, it’s my last long run before Grandma’s marathon- my hand-picked race of the season. I can’t burn myself out in Madison, or I won’t recover in time for Grandma’s. I’ve got my eye on the long distance prize. ::toast my mojito::

Here’s to going slow in Madison…
Brian and I have had a busy week so far. I always have photo stuff going on, of course, but we’ve been working on more house projects. Brian installed a new outlet in the kitchen to accommodate my many kitchen appliances. 🙂

There it is, strategically placed between my Kitchenaid mixer and my food processor.
I went with Justin on my last run of any real distance before Sunday. A nice, easy, seven miler today. It was beautiful weather for a little scamper through Schmeekle Reserve on the Green Circle.

Thanks, Justin! You’re a great running partner. I also discovered that we are, quite literally, shoe twins!

That’s matching pairs of red Mizuno Wave Alchemys. I even wear men’s shoes- they’re the same! 🙂
Brian and I stopped for lunch at the Subway on Division. I absolutely love the sub ladies there. Jennifer, Kim, and Sara… Those women make my day. They call me “Mrs. Happy” when I walk in there. PLUS- they make a delicious sandwich! They even remember my favorite order. 🙂

We went to a doctor appointment for Brian, then headed over to Lee Ayers to pick up my new watch band.

Slick, huh?
We also had the chance to send in my broken fly rod to be repaired/replaced. Extra thanks to my TU guys for giving me a rod with a lifetime warranty! 🙂

::cries:: My rod is beautiful. I can’t wait to have it back.
I spent a lot of time working outside tonight. I mowed the lawn and weeded another section of the garden, along with planting a few tomatoes, an eggplant, and a kohlrabi. Brian has been hard at work on building me Bunny Fence 2.0. That’s the frame for my door!

I’ve been hard at work getting my feet dirty in the garden.

I’m off to go hold some of the frames for Brian and help with the assembly. Have a good night, friends!

Miles this year: 289

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The best mom ever and enjoying the weather. AND cute kids!

Happy belated Mother’s day, Mom! I love you!

My mom and I spent some time together this week- we got pedicures, went to lunch, and did some shopping.

Thanks to everyone for weighing in on my last post. It’s hard to keep a clear perspective on issues like that when it’s easy to put up defenses. As a plus, I’m pretty sure that when I’m ready to race, I’ll no longer be “overweight.” A few pounds really can make a difference. Just ask your knees!
For every pound a person loses, they reduce the pressure on their knees by FOUR POUNDS!
I’m starting to taper for Madison Marathon, so I’ve got the taper shakes… A.K.A. I haven’t been running as much, so I’ve got energy through the roof! 🙂
I decided to dust off my old K2s for a few miles.

Brian and I took my dirty Stratus through the car wash this week. I’m such a rule breaker… I turned my wipers on, even though the signs say not to. 🙂

My friend, Jessie, and I headed over to Amherst for a play date/photo shoot with our barista-friend, Genna- and her new baby, Arlo! Arlo has a big brother, and Jessie has two little girls, so it was a fun time, all around!





What cuties! 🙂 I have a bad case of baby fever.
After my photo shoot, I went for a run with Justin on the Moses Creek section of the Green Circle. During our run, I found out it was his birthday!

Happy birthday, Justin. 🙂 I took him over to O’so to celebrate!
After a delicious spinach salad with Brian, we went for a bike ride. He showed me the work he’s been doing now- they’re getting rid of the crazy frontage road along division, and putting in a stoplight near Kmart. It will be much safer when they’re finished! Brian was working on the electrical for the street lights.


Really cool stuff. On the way home, we were cruising around the neighborhood and found this awesome road art.

Stevens Point road crews get bonus points for that one. It’s not often that my tax dollars make me smile randomly! 🙂
I spent the majority of my morning today working on non-shooting photo work. I made up for all that indoor time by working in the garden. I have so many weeds in there! I planted my mom’s rhubarb (thanks, Mom! It looks happy!), and I have some perennials in there- parsley, chives, and three kinds of mint.

I still have a lot of weeding to do, but I’m getting anxious to plant! I love spending time in there, weeding, singing, and harvesting. I think I inherited my Gram’ and Gramps’ green thumb!
It’s time to enjoy some mint lemonade and get things ready for kayaking tonight and fly fishing school this weekend! 🙂

Miles this year: 277.3

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