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Madison with Amy + Trout Tattoo + Amy’s Bachelorette

Before I knew it, my best friend’s wedding was upon us. I can’t believe how time has flown by! We spent the weeks leading up to the wedding helping with planning, decorating, and general moral support, including a short trip to Madison to visit Becky. Becky is Amy’s sister-in-law, and since she couldn’t make it to the bachelorette, we made a special little trip to catch up. πŸ™‚

Dinner at Eno Vino, wine and movies at Becky and Dan’s apartment, and DIY pedicures. It was a lot of fun! Thanks for hosting us, Becky!

image1 (9)

We headed home early so Amy could work and I could get to my tattoo appointment- time for my ninth marathon tally, with a little abstract brookie addition.

The stencil…

image2 (6)

In progress…

image3 (5)color-1color-2

And finished!

image1 (10)

Foot tattoos really hurt. I always forget exactly how much they hurt until I’m siting in the chair- luckily, they’re small! Thanks to Jim at Blackwater, for hooking me up, and for starting with the brookie so I woudldn’t change my mind during the tally. πŸ™‚


I made it back to my office for a full afternoon of work before heading out for my TU board meeting. We met at our new location, inside the SentryWorld building. We had special guest,Β Kyle Herrman, an aquatic ecologist from UWSP, who gave us a presentation on the Lost Creek Stream restoration project.

image4 (5)

I was even lucky enough to sit next to the infamous Mike Dombeck!

image5 (5)

A great night of learning and sharing our excitement for conservation led to a sound night of sleep. πŸ™‚ The next day, I worked to catch up on business before a busy weekend, and Brian and I headed out to the St. Joe’s church picnic. Brian was playing with the big band, and I was dancing with my SP ballroom friends!

image6 (5) image8 (4)

I even ran into a old friend from high school- Chris! πŸ™‚ It was so great to catch up.

image7 (5)

I finished off the weekend in the Twin Cities with Amy and the bridesmaids for her bachelorette party. We went shopping at the Mall of America and Ikea, then headed to our downtown hotel to recoup before dinner at the Melting Pot.

image9 (3) image10 (2) image11 (1)

After dinner, we walked downtown for drinks and dancing. We had a great time! It was loud in the club, so we couldn’t hear the pouring rain that had started outside- so once we got outside, we decided to go for it, and we ran the nine blocks to our hotel… finishing the evening with a natural shower!

image12 (1)

It was pretty neat to see the lightning reflecting off the skyscrapers downtown. Thanks for the fabulous weekend, ladies! It was wonderful to get to know you all better. πŸ™‚

When I got home, Brian had been working on our new deck, and his father came over to help. Greg brought me a huge bouquet of peonies from their house. It was such a sweet welcome home!

image2 (7)

As always, thanks for reading, friends!

Miles this year: 290.1

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Recovery week means new tally marks!

I hated to break up the romance between the two sea yaks, but it was time. They’re going to attempt a long-distance relationship from Bill’s garage to our shed. Goodbye, Margarita.

I got my fourth and fifth tally marks this week, for Madison Marathon and Grandma’s Marathon.

I swear, inner foot tattoos hurt more than marathons themselves.

I’ve been on an avocado kick this week- I’ve gone through an avocado a day. We’ve been eating lots of Mexican salads.

It’s been so warm this week! Our little window air conditioner can hardly keep up. The real measure of how warm it is in our home is the state of my coconut oil. This week, it’s been mostly melted.

Welcome to my temporary office.

I’m staying on the first floor to escape the heat. I’ve had a few photo shoots this week but mostly I’ve been stuck inside doing administrative work. Oh, the joys of owning my own business! πŸ˜€ I’m really, truly blessed. I’m not complaining. In fact, here are a few photos from a shoot I did for a fishing guide service here in town. I love fishing-related photo shoots.


Yeah, this was my “office” view last night. I have nothing to complain about.

The official start of summer was this week. I did a few sun salutations with my sore body in honor of the occasion. I also picked my first basil leaves for the year.

Having my own garden is really wonderful. Special thanks to my Grammy, Grampie, and Mom for passing on the green thumb. I made delicious salads for dinner with ingredients fresh from the garden. Well, the Boca burgers are fresh from the freezer… πŸ™‚

I’m off to finish getting ready for our wedding tomorrow- the lovely Robyn and Rodney.


I can’t wait for tomorrow! It will be a beautiful wedding, I just know it.

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